Beijing Fukuda gamma ix7 G20 Edition Limited Edition in

Beijing Futian gamma ix7 G20 version of the Shanghai transit limited starting in Shanghai, the seat of both the Oriental temperament and charm of the international city, in the early autumn season even more charming. The afternoon of September 29th, a press conference held at the Shanghai Museum of art attracted dozens of national media attention: Futian gamma way car Beijing just at the G20 summit in Hangzhou successfully escort mission, gamma Transit Intelligent G20 ix7 depth articles of the international version of the stunning debut. During the G20 summit in Hangzhou, Futian Automobile Group provides 180 Ambassador service support vehicles, become a beautiful G20 summit in Hangzhou on the "green" landscape. As the summit designated car Futian Automobile Group put forward the "green development" plan, not only on behalf of the Paris agreement Chinese issued practice sound to the world, but also reflects the transformation from China automobile industry automobile industry power to power the power of confidence. Beijing Futian Automobile Futian Automobile Group as gamma transit’s passenger car brand of the ingenuity of the, the ambassador security service tasks contributed, won the Hangzhou municipal government departments in charge of transportation vehicles and units of praise. Under this background, adhering to the G20 summit in Futian Automobile Service demanding car standards, Beijing Futian Automobile launched a high-profile gamma gamma transit transit ix7 G20 version, for 80, 90 young community to create both fashion and technology of interconnection of smart home MPV. Conference, the new appearance of the way ix7 G20 version stunning audience, from the appearance of fashion to intelligent equipment, can be described as a perfect jump for the. First of all, the gamma transit ix7 G20 version of the continuation of the high Yan way cyberway ix7 version of the gamma value and large space, the appearance of fashion is still bright. After the Japanese Futian Automobile Engineering Center 1800 day and night of elaborate design, the fashion design language of international fashion, and science fiction to the appearance of atmospheric smart cockpit design and "Futian industry 4" system "made" level, the MPV for the heart to become China. Secondly, the gamma ix7 G20 version in the further integration of intelligent. On the basis of absorbing the world’s intelligent driving black technology, independent research and development of the central control of Intelligent Vehicle Terminal – T-BOX system, to become China’s leading MPV models of deep intelligence of the new species". This intelligent system equipped with Multi Touch HD, crystal color digital display; powerful Bluetooth 4 wireless Internet system, WIFI, 4G et al of Internet strategy, to achieve a key connection with the mobile device; Beidou +GPS dual-mode positioning system to achieve a high level of rice navigation, the intelligent level of far more than the same level models; not only that, but also realizes the intelligent full voice control, the liberation of the hands, make control easier; new digital radio, extraordinary sound fidelity, collocation of multi touch screen, let the owners get to enjoy a full range of intelligent audio-visual. At the same time, equipped with intelligent protection technology foresight, to provide comprehensive security for every passenger; equipped with vehicle remote diagnosis, abnormal alarm and other intelligent features, and the realization of the driving behavior statistics, including a sharp turn, brakes and other unsafe factors of statistics and evaluation, timely correct the bad.相关的主题文章: