Beijing industrial and commercial network to combat fraud Baidu downline thousands of illegal websit-winbook

Beijing industry and Commerce against Internet fraud Baidu offline thousands of illegal sites in Beijing city Industrial and Commercial Bureau recently launched a special action to combat illegal network subject, initially locked more than a suspected illegal and illegal business website subject. According to Xinhua News Agency reported that from the city industry and Commerce Bureau, Baidu Inc has been offline for the above site. Beijing city Industrial and Commercial Bureau relevant responsible person said that the fight against illegal actions in the main network, Baidu through data analysis and technical investigation, provides 4169 suspected illegal business website for the city Industrial and Commercial Bureau; Beijing city Industrial and Commercial Bureau after examination and verification, initially identified more than a suspected illegal subject and operating illegal websites. The main suspected of illegal website has more than 500, the main problem is in the area of nominal exist forgery, counterfeiting, the site is not registered in Beijing, but left the Beijing business, contact address, telephone, or fraudulent use of Beijing enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households on behalf of business. Suspected illegal operation of the site has more than 600, mainly engaged in gambling, Feng Shui, on behalf of invoices and other easy to breed fraud business. For the above problems more than a website, Baidu will be offline, such sites can’t participate in bidding. Beijing city Industrial and Commercial Bureau also through the Baidu search engine to the user to push Industrial and Commercial Bureau notice that once the users use Baidu search to the alleged illegal business website, you will see the illegal business in Beijing issued Industrial and Commercial Bureau tips. Baidu has been criticized because of PPC fraud information suffered public criticism. From September 1st this year, the implementation of the Interim Measures for the management of Internet advertising will pay for the search for qualitative advertising, from the search engine rankings need to comply with the advertising law". Insiders said that the objective will help purify the search engine network environment. Baidu Inc said it would abide by the law on the basis of cooperation with the industry and commerce departments to work together to combat the black chain network.相关的主题文章: