Beijing today is still the night sky haze again continued to 18 days in Beijing-rainlendar

Beijing today is still the night sky haze again continue to 18 – Beijing Chinese weather network news yesterday (14 days) Beijing wind blowing, blue sky reproduce, super moon appeared in the night sky stunning. The sky is still expected during the day, but at night the diffusion condition deteriorated slightly to mild haze, haze weather will continue until 18, please pay attention to health protection. Affected by cold air, during the day yesterday, Beijing north wind, gust six or seven. The weekend is to occupy the sky again into a haze of blue. In the evening the wind decreases, the super moon appears in the sky. 6 am this morning, visibility in most areas of Beijing 8-10 km. Air quality is excellent. 15 morning, Beijing blue sky is still good visibility. However, from the beginning of the night, the spread of poor conditions, a new round of fog and haze will come. Beijing City Meteorological Station released 6 forecast: cloudy day today, north to south two or three level Four, the highest temperature of 10 degrees at night; partly cloudy, slight to mild haze, South to north one or two, the minimum temperature of 0 DEG C. Expected 16 to 18 days, Beijing humidity increases, a mild haze to moderate to severe haze, fog at night. 19 days after the cold air come again, away haze.相关的主题文章: