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Beijing Universal Studios planning Harry Porter no less exposure Sina entertainment according to Universal Studios in Beijing (micro signal: bjhqyc): Recently, the Municipal Standing Committee, vice mayor Li Shixiang, accompanied by Vice Mayor Lin Keqing in the research group came to Beijing Universal Studios, in the research of Li Shi Xiang pointed out that Universal Studios project will become a new bright spot not easily won. Beijing cultural tourism after the completion of each department, be full of confidence, to create a model of sophisticated engineering. Small to get a fresh first-hand information, which includes not only the Beijing Universal Studios design planning, more important is to get a lot of Universal Studios around the planning information, covering functional area, transport facilities, water system planning etc.. As a result of the secret, small plans can only own a separate enjoy it, but a lot of planning information, a small series of finishing a text, for your reference! At the end of the month, is located in Beijing Tongzhou City sub center of the Universal Studios project will be officially launched earthwork filling, which is an important basis of Universal Studios project, the total earthwork volume will be more than 10 million cubic meters. Beijing tourism group relevant responsible person said to the small, the Universal Studios project smoothly, the park 4 square kilometers within the chemical pipeline demolition work has been completed, the design team has been formed, the design work will be completed in September. To the end of the park, the park will be the beginning of the implementation of the earthwork filling project, the project will include the excavation of underground miscellaneous fill, handling, backfill and compaction, and the site to a certain height. It is reported that the Beijing Universal Studios design planning, Beijing Universal Studios project is located at Tongzhou cultural tourism zone, Liyuan Town, Zhangjiawan Town, in the town at the junction of three. Planning 4 square kilometers, of which the core area covers an area of 1.2 square kilometers, peripheral control land of 2.8 square kilometers. The total construction area of about 2 million 20 thousand square meters, of which the core area of about 790 thousand square meters of construction area. The project total investment of about 50 billion yuan, is 2 times that of Japan Osaka Universal Studios, 5, is 6 times the world garden area of singapore. If you add 2.8 square kilometers around the resort, Beijing Universal Studios will be the world’s largest area. (photo: Ceng Huashu) at present, although the Beijing Universal Studios in the chemical pipeline demolition has been completed, but other more detailed construction progress message is very little. At present, small can determine information are: 1, the overall project is expected to invest more than 100 billion yuan; 2, plans to open in 2019, from the end of the month, the park began filling earthwork; 3, the location is Beijing, Tongzhou Liyuan Town, Zhangjiawan Town Town Town interchange; 4, site planning 4 square kilometers, the area of chemical pipeline demolition work has been completed; 5, including theme parks, shopping centers and wine shop. In addition to all the outside we can only rely on speculation, a concept of "renderings and the only clue is the day before the company announced the global". Fortunately, there are users to do a detailed analysis to tell us what will be the theme park project. In order to make it easy for us to find the target, we made the number of the destination on the map. 1, Hollywood Avenue相关的主题文章: