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Beijing – VIDEO – Guiyang police destroyed more than ninety thousand "guns" tool [comment] for the timely elimination of social security, in September 2nd, the Guiyang police in the recent two years, confiscated more than 94000 have focused on the destruction of illegal guns and control equipment. Guiyang City Public Security Bureau police detachment of a deputy brigade commander Che Xuan told reporters that the destruction of abandoned guns, control equipment, most of the Guiyang police in recent years by "special action firearms rule explosion in confiscated and a small part of the use of firearms, some units" retired "guns. Seized a total of 94654, of which 13628 illegal firearms, control equipment, the 81026. [over] the Guiyang City Public Security Bureau police detachment of a brigade Deputy captain Che Xuan is now affected by film and television, there is a part in many friends, many friends will love to collect guns, guns, knives, invisible to our social order will cause a certain impact, some military fans friend used high-pressure gas the gun out hunting, the number of these guns joule of high-pressure gas is very strong, in general we can play in the body 2 to 3 centimeters, if hit an important position, will be to cause different degrees of casualties. [comment] see in the destruction of the scene, the reporter, illegal guns and pile up like a mountain hand control apparatus. After the police in the field inventory, tens of thousands of illegal firearms knives into the hopper, into the molten steel furnace, molten steel. Police said that the next step, will also carry out a special collection of three months to control the acquisition of special tools and simulation guns. [over] the Guiyang City Public Security Bureau police detachment of a brigade Deputy captain Che Xuan I to the general public, many fans, gun and knife many friends do a warm reminder, if you still have possession of guns, knives, knives and guns of the store, then you voluntarily turned over to the public security organs, public security authorities will not be prosecuted, if in the collection process for a period of three months, we were seized, our public security organs will be severely dealt. [comment] China is gun state, the police, in sentencing, people such as illegal possession, possession with gunpowder powered bullets launch non military firearms, or other non military firearms compressed gas powered two above, would constitute a criminal offense. (reporter Pu Wensi Guiyang reports) key words: Social相关的主题文章: