Beijing – VIDEO – Nanchang subway opened first in the Lotus impression panoramic chartered passenger

Beijing – VIDEO – Nanchang subway opened first in the "Lotus impression" panoramic chartered passenger said the cool [comment] lotus leaf, lotus, silt but don’t dye, honest, honest and moral. In August 24th, Nanchang Metro Line 1 — "Lotus" impression of incorruptible culture theme first train operation, this is the first in Nanchang panorama car. Passengers in the car can also "south to lotus, lotus He Tiantian, fish like lotus" flavor. The same day, a lot of people passing by the bus after the accident, have come up with a mobile phone camera, a passenger said in an interview, very fresh, there is a sense of closeness to nature. [Wang Fangping] over foreign passengers in Nanchang for the first time to take this kind of subway in Shanghai before the subway seems similar, but not for the series, took the subway to the people the feeling is a very fit into the subway this summer is very cool feeling. [the same period] local passengers Wang Jinfeng feel is very fresh, from outside is very cool feeling, a piece of green, right, more a sense of intimacy, like the closeness of nature. According to the Nanchang Metro Group staff, "Lotus impression" clean culture theme train uses 3D painting process, the original design, after more than two months, by 7 painting workers took four days to complete the painting, showing a panoramic pond ecological environment. The same period [] Nanchang Railway Group Li Xiaoming Nanchang Metro building the incorruptible culture pond culture theme impression train, from the beginning of August 19th, the US 7 painting workers took four days to complete such a painting work, this one will be the Dutch Long Yun a natural ecological environment presented in front of the majority of passengers, but also make full use of an advantage of our subway communication, so that the majority of passengers will be able to feel a spiritual baptism we worship clean atmosphere and Shanglian in daily travel. Jiang Tao Su Zhu Jia Jiangxi, Nanchang相关的主题文章: