Beijing – VIDEO – super national standards issued by the relevant application materials to attract

Beijing – VIDEO – super national standard issued the relevant application materials exhibit attractive [background] will give ordinary people the second "Iron Man" flight, can be in the range of 8000 square kilometers with Wi-Fi signaling, maritime information monitoring services such as high altitude platform cloud no."…… September 8th, in Henan, Luoyang, the exhibition of aerospace equipment, ground travel equipment, wearable equipment and other materials related applications, so many participants had enough eye addiction. On the same day, the national standard for ultra material release. [comment] said the conference, led by Shenzhen KPS Higher Polytechnic Institute, detection of regulatory agencies, more than a dozen research institutes and the world’s first ultra materials in the field of national standard "related enterprises jointly drafted the metamaterial term" (GB T 32005 – 2015), 2015 9 menstrual national quality supervision and inspection and quarantine administration and the National Standardization Management Committee approved the release, will be implemented on October 1, 2016. Guangqi group president, Dean of Shenzhen KPS Higher Polytechnic Institute, said Liu Ruopeng, which broke the Europe of the cutting-edge technology standard and technology monopoly, establish a China leading position in the field of metamaterials. The same period [] (KPS group president, Dean of Shenzhen KPS Higher Polytechnic Institute, Liu Ruopeng) may sometimes people think the standard is far away from us, the only reason is because you are a lot of things originally imported from abroad, the standard are in the hands of other countries on hand, so you feel very far away from the standard, then we (cited) in the industry are low, at this time, we start from the source to start it, then I’m sorry, the standard rules, we re formulate, this time we don’t have these people by other constraints. [interpretation] Liu Ruopeng introduced, in a similar number of aerospace vehicles and sophisticated equipment, metamaterials will play an important role, and the development of national standards of great significance. The same period [] (KPS group president, Dean of Shenzhen KPS Higher Polytechnic Institute, Liu Ruopeng) this way we construct a standard, is actually really makes everyone on a super material, a very strange, often said to superconducting materials, so there is a new field, can have, have the quality standard can be observed, a standard way of industrial system, then this is the whole human, a very important process to create the new industry from scratch. [comment] it is understood that super material is a kind of special composite material or structure, the ordered structure design of material key physical dimensions, the extraordinary physical properties of conventional materials do not have. According to the staff, the current multi material for aerospace applications. The same period [] (Li Wenfeng staff) is mainly some metamaterials can be used in the noise reduction, is to reduce the noise, because when the aircraft flying its noise, because materials, it can be said that some of the shape change of electromagnetic wave, and can change the sound. [comment] on the same day, relying on the KPS group相关的主题文章: