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" library; Bel " selected text books   100 host invited reading – the media – people.com.cn original title: 100 host invited to read the text in August 30th, there is a special conference hall of Beijing historians primary school. In the host under the leadership of Liu Chunyan, with 3 pupils read the primary school Chinese text "squirrel for peanuts", 400 people auditorium All seats are occupied. This is a special activity of "Bel Canto library" of the opening ceremony, the library is by the Chinese culture promotion will host the Specialized Committee launched high-end brand China audiobooks, designed to make outstanding classic text to achieve digital audio, as the 200 million national primary and middle school students to provide a set of free audio books. At present, the "Bel Canto library" has been in the audio sharing platform of Himalaya FM exclusive on-line. "Bel Canto library" selected text as of 2015, a total of 200 million students, but the lack of high-quality audio education content, network audio market uneven in quality. In this environment, the public library the first phase of the content of Bel Canto "selection of Chinese Textbooks of primary and secondary school students. With the popularity of Internet technology, audio books are not uncommon. But hundreds of well-known presenters for pupils to make Chinese language text books, or a new thing. In the promotion of Chinese culture will host the efforts of the Specialized Committee, Li Xiuping, Yang Liu, Guo Zhijian, Zhan Ze, Lang Yongchun, Li Zimeng, Zhao Pu, Wang Zhou, Zhang Lei, Wang Xiaolei, Lu Yiming, Chun Ni, Sa Beining and other hundreds of host invited to read the primary school Chinese class. An accidental opportunity, I found that almost all of the Internet can not find the primary and secondary school students to read the text of the Chinese language audio works, even if there is a very old works, which touched me a lot." The Chinese Culture Promotion Association Deputy Secretary General of the Specialized Committee, CCTV host host Xiao Yan (Zheng Yingyan) believes that the primary and middle school students in Chinese text subject text appear to the most basic, but contains a lot of literature at all times and in all countries. She said: there are a lot of text in the grandparents’ primary school has been included in the textbook, until now ’00’ is still reading and learning, which is itself a new generation of Chinese people’s spiritual wealth." 500 classic audio popularity of the current primary and secondary schools Chinese textbook contains three primary education press about 1500 texts, "Bel Canto library" which featured a classic overlap, accounting for about 13 of the total, the popularity of the works. Himalaya FM co-founder and co CEO Yu Jianjun said, the on-line textbook is sound, and provide a more convenient platform for learning Mandarin dialect in remote areas, regions and overseas users. Because for many children in remote areas, the Chinese language textbooks and even the only window they know the world". (reporter Ren Xiaoning) (commissioning editor Song Xinrui and Yan Shuai)相关的主题文章: