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Software Around 72.6 % (source: "BBC Measuring the Information Society 2010") of the world population uses mobile phones which means 72.6% of the world population is available at any time and at any place. Looking at this statistics we can understand why mobile messages have been used so powerfully as a marketing tool in recent times. Many a times people may not attend calls if they are busy but a mobile message are sure to reach a person. Even if the person will not read it promptly eventually he does go back to checking messages. Mobile Recruitment marketing has become a favored marketing tool to reach the broad segments of the population. Therefore what better method of communicating job alerts to potential applicants than the mobile phone messaging service? Its popularity as a recruiting tool has also doubled because it is the cheapest form of communication between the recruiter and the prospective applicants. When a job vacancy is there in the industry it has to be communicated to as many eligible candidates. Hence sending job alerts through messages is the best way to transfer information about job vacancies. Bulk messaging makes it possible to reach to a wider section of the potential candidates with a single message in the least time. The candidate also has a faster access to it than going online because they do not need power or the net connection. He can view the job notifications and apply by an sms itself. This increases the number of applicants for the job. In addition to that a message can be forwarded much more easily than an email. If the candidate does not want to apply he can forward the job alert to his friends who fit the job requirement. In such a way a particular job alert reaches multiple job seekers. Keeping this scenario in mind RoosterHR has come up with an innovative integration between Job Rooster and R-Lites Recruitment Software . Mobile access supported by R-Lite now integrated with Job Rooster, makes the entire Recruitment Process easy, effective and time saving for the recruiters and gives a competitive advantage as candidates can apply from anywhere, anytime. They would not have to get logged into their registered job boards to apply for the job. The service would enable the option to apply or decline as a reply to the message itself. A candidates reply to a job alert gives his affirmation and shows his interest in the job vacancy. R-Lites incorporation of Job Rooster would see higher candidate response as compared to email. It gets instantaneous connection with the candidates and it prompts better response from the job seekers across different economic segments in the working population so that all enjoy the full range of job opportunities. For More Details: ..r-lite.. 相关的主题文章: