Benz also seeking donations are broken love

Benz also seeking donations are love broke the original title: the Benz also seeking donations love is broken on recently, with Shaoxing users to contact reporters, said saw a donation message "the good people in my circle of friends, thank you for helping my daughter" leukemia. The news was sent by Ms. song from Shaoxing, hoping to collect 300 thousand yuan. After many of his friends saw it, they were forwarding and giving their love. However, after adding the WeChat to help the woman, he found her driving the Mercedes Benz and showing the diamond ring. For most people, Mercedes Benz, diamond ring is "tyrant" to do things, may be a lot of donations to her daughter love people, can not afford Mercedes Benz, can not wear the diamond ring, people questioned her, it is taken for granted. Ms. song’s husband played such an analogy, "my daughter is sick, does not mean that my wife will wear 10 yuan a piece of clothing."". The problem is, there’s a world of difference between wearing a diamond ring and wearing 10 dollars a piece. Don’t let anyone who wears 10 bucks give you a donation. Ms. song is launched through a public platform to raise public funding, nearly two years, through the public platform for "love all the chips", has become an important manifestation of folk love action. But such public platform, often spontaneous organization, many platforms lack strict audit of the applicant, which may allow some people to take advantage of loopholes, leading to some fraudulent donations, cheating and donation events. To raise public platforms and other charitable activities into the right track, it is necessary to strengthen the platform construction and management, so as to let all kinds of folk charity activities spread positive energy, avoid love hurt. Let (staff) – Dai Huang Rui editor: SN224

开奔驰还求捐款爱心都被伤透了   原标题:开奔驰还求捐款爱心都被伤透了   来论   近日,有绍兴网友联系记者,说在朋友圈看到一则募捐消息《好心人,感谢您帮一下我的白血病女儿》。消息是一个绍兴宋女士发的,希望能募捐30万元。他的很多朋友看到后,都在转发,并献出爱心。然而,添加求助女子的微信后,他发现她开奔驰、秀钻戒。   对大多数人来说,开奔驰、戴钻戒是“土豪”才能做的事情,可能很多给她女儿捐善款的爱心人士,都开不起奔驰、戴不了钻戒,人们对她产生质疑,也就理所当然了。宋女士丈夫打了这样一个比方,“女儿生病,不代表我老婆就要穿10元一件的衣服”。可问题是,开奔驰戴钻戒与穿10元一件的衣服可是有天壤之别。开奔驰的别让穿10块钱衣服的人给你捐款。   宋女士是通过某众筹平台发起众筹,近两年,通过众筹平台进行“爱心众筹”,成了民间爱心行动的一个重要表现方式。但此类众筹平台,往往是民间自发组织,不少平台对申请人缺乏严格的审核,这就可能让一些人钻了空子,导致一些诈捐、骗捐事件的出现。要将众筹平台等一些民间慈善活动导入正轨,需要加强平台建设与管理,这样才能让各种民间慈善活动传播正能量,避免爱心受伤害。   □戴先任(职员) 责任编辑:黄睿 SN224相关的主题文章: