Bicycle Rear

Sports-and-Recreation The last thing you want to happen when riding your bike at night is to be involved in an accident with another road user who couldn’t see you. The chances are the other road user will be a motorist and as a cyclist, you are going to come off worst. So, having proper lights mounted to your bike is essential for riding in low light conditions. It is normal for rear lights to be mounted either on the seat pillar or on the frame of the bike itself. Be careful where you mount the light on the bike though because where legislation exists for cycle lighting it is normal to see minimum height from the ground requirements etc. For example it may be illegal to use flashing strobe type lights although they now seem to be more and more widely accepted. It looks like the old filament bulb lamp has had its day. It did for a while have an advantage over LED lamps in that it gave off a more powerful light but the new generation of LED lamps have also removed that advantage. There are some restrictions in some coutries on the use of flashing lights and so to meet the restriction you should mount a light that is steady on. You will find that most modern LED lights have a steady mode as well as a flashing mode but you may find it beneficial to have two lights mounted. One steady to meet the legislation and one flashing to make you more visible. It is also possible to achieve this in a single unit that has multiple LEDs as some of them let you set one section of LEDs to a steady state and another section to a flashing state. One word of caution is that although a flashing light tends to be more visible to motorists and other road users it is sometime difficult to judge the distance to them and there is a suggestion that if the driver behind you is drunk they could actually be attracted to the flashing light. These caution notes though only really serve to backup the fact that you should have both steady and flashing lights on the rear of your bike. Another reason to have two lights mounted on the rear of your bicycle rather than relying on a single unit is battery life. You tend to find that LED lights will simply fail much quicker once battery power falls below a certain level. So, it is useful to have a second light installed that you can switch to in the case of failure. So, if your normal routine is to ride at night or if on a particular day the light level is particularly low, make sure you have adequate lights mounted to your bike and make sure that they meet any local legislation as well. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: