Blizzard and Facebook cooperation in the deployment of social network games live-ricky lee neely

Blizzard cooperated with Facebook layout of Social Network Games broadcast Blizzard recently included a new characteristic in the client, can be real-time game screen directly streaming to the Facebook page (Facebook). Cooperation of the blizzard and Facebook of the two companies, called a "Blizzard streaming media transmission scheme only need to move the mouse can be realized easily. The new button to update the client can be in blizzard game player client interface to the upper right corner to find a way similar to the camera, then only need to own Blizzard Account and Facebook account linked together, they can live in this game can be said to be the world’s largest social media. In the United States on August 26th press conference, "said Blizzard Blizzard streaming media" can help the world game player are on Facebook and share their gaming experience, "the technology has been in the Americas, Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand launched worldwide will unlock." In the conference, Blizzard also said in a statement "Blizzard media" is currently only PC landing platform Windows system, but will soon appear on the apple Mac system. Blizzard’s action for the acquisition of the Twitch Amazon Co (Amazon) is undoubtedly a warning. Blizzard has in recent years the brand gradually increased, in May this year on the bottom of the first person shooter game watch "pioneer" (Overwatch) is one of the leaders, the game is currently in a live web game the highest number of ranked sixth, while the sale soon became a station, watching the first five Games the most. Prior to the listing of the "watch vanguard", Blizzard has complained about the way Twitch manages its communities. The two companies from the holiday season before the Twitch hearthstone legend (Hearthstone) broadcast live, in this live, the comments filled with provocative, hatred of racial discrimination speech. Then the two sides tried to carry out a pilot project to remedy, it is reported that the project is preparing for brewing. A few months before the Blizzard streaming media, Blizzard and Facebook have been working together to allow players to use Facebook account login game on the PC side. Game player can through this way, including the "pioneer" landing watch "hearthstone legend", "World of Warcraft", "storm hero", "Diablo 3" (Diablo3) and the "StarCraft 2", game. Sina’s statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: