Blood has to wake up immortal blood system show the supreme

Blood has to wake up "immortal" blood system show the supreme powers to play the game, 51 Shaoxia, you wake up the ancient blood, to show your true strength! Your enemies will be reduced to ashes in your veins! 51 "immortal" blood system, filling the Supreme powers. 51 "immortal" website: Figure 1 must wake up 51 "immortal" blood system show the supreme supernatural immortal game, want to change, is relying on the natural blood system. After the protagonist protagonist holy blood, the blood is divided into practice and God, change can affect the combat attributes, the protagonist blood reaches a certain level for all partners attribute bonus blood. The essence of blood after level 120 to open in the game player, the blood essence is a kind of ancient blood inside the material resource partners, can be used to activate the fairy blood. The blood is divided into 5 kinds of quality, green, blue, true fairy fairy fairy fairy Gold Purple, gold and red gods, go all the way, divided into 50 grades. Figure 2 must wake up 51 "immortal" blood system show the highest magical power and more awesome is that the game launched two new period turned function. Two turn is easy to understand, that is, partners in the battle for the second change, the strength of the two change will certainly be stronger, become a key factor in winning. But two turned also need to reach a certain conditions to activate, a total of 3 conditions are consuming 1 blood soul stone, blood has activated the blood heart and blood level reaches 50, to meet these 3 conditions, the two partners can open to the battle turned, you stronger. Figure 3 must wake up 51 "immortal" blood system show the highest magical power 51 game is the best game platform is a set research and development, operation and marketing, customer service and other professional team together to create the domestic service. The game is a product of the traditional end of the tour, web games and mobile games, including real-time combat, role-playing, war strategy, simulation and other classic works. "The imperial", "beautiful country", "legend", "Blue Moon Legend" hegemony, "battle", "martial arts" Red Moon Legend 2, "sword rain, rivers and lakes" "human resource", "Nirvana in Fire Juexue", "mumbo-jumbo world", "big Angel Sword", "fire", "seven killed"…… Relying on tens of millions of active users, 51 games strive to build a world-class real dating game platform. 51 "immortal" website: 51 Games: Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: