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Boulter: not in the Tokyo Olympic Games about the Canadian Star Awards [] man 4× 100 relay awards Boulter led the team on the podium (ESPN) sports Tencent in September 24th this Friday, Jamaica’s Boulter visited ESPN in Connecticut Bristol headquarters. Boulter said in an interview that he hoped the next sprint star is still Jamaica players, he believes that young Blake is great enough, but he is more optimistic about the Canadian star de Glasser. When it comes to delicacy, Boulter said is still his favorite chicken wings. Boulter has announced he will retire after the London World Championships next year. Q: over the past few months, you have mentioned that Rio will be your last Olympic games. So, is it still the case? Is it possible to fight the Tokyo Olympic Games? Boulter: No, it’s not possible. Rio is my last Olympic games. Q: the 2017 London World Championships, is your occupation career ending the war? Boulter: I’ve always said that, but my coach told me not to say that because he wanted me to go on and he thought I could go on with my career, if I wanted to. He said that by the end of the 2017 season to decide, but I really hope that by the end of next year will be completely retired. Q: what do you want to do after retirement? Boulter: I feel there are more things in hand, one of the most important thing is to participate in the track and field as much as possible, I think we need to continue to inspire young athletes continue to progress. In addition, in Jamaica, I think through my foundation to set up a clinic for children, they hope in the process of practicing sports, if the injury can be treated more convenient, and help them to better reach the professional level. Q: Recently, the doping scandal, especially the Russian side of the matter is more, in the Rio Olympic Games cycle of these storms affect the outstanding athletes to create good results? Boulter: it’s been a tough time. I always say that if we work hard, we can make things worse. I think the IAAF and the World Anti Doping Agency, is actively doing cleaning work, this is the reason why now looks bad. In fact, if they do so, they will be able to make the event a brighter future. Q: what role do you play in this process? Boulter: I will continue to do my best to participate in the sport, because I have proven that we can do it well. If I go on, I will continue to follow my example and inspire them in different ways, and show them how to do it. Q: will you choose to participate in politics before or after retirement? Boulter: No, for me, I would choose to stay away from politics. I would like to try my own life, and I often preach that others should work as hard as possible, but for me I always try to stay away from politics. Q: who is the next Boulter? Boulter: it’s hard to say, but I hope the next one is Jamaica. Blake has already been confirmed相关的主题文章: