Brother to eat wild mushrooms poisoning his brother wanted to jump to drink all the rescue nibbuns

Brother to eat wild mushroom poisoning dead brother drunk to jump off a new network in Sichuan and rescue – online news (reporter Yang Zhijun Xu Denglin) August 26th, reporters from the Ganzi Public Security Bureau was informed that recently, a police, fire officers and soldiers and the masses together to rescue drunken suicide story, Shuabing in Ganzi Prefecture of Kangding city wide circle of friends we have to point praise, fire brigade and police officers to avoid a tragedy. Originally, in August 21st this year, at noon, a man in the Kangding City Metro area roof to suicide. After the alarm, the Public Security Bureau of Kangding City Metro police station and fire officers and soldiers rushed to the scene the first time. When the police arrived, the man sitting on the roof of the nine legs on both sides of the edge of the roof, there have been shortness of breath, confusion and other conditions, crumbling, the situation is very dangerous. Police station immediately divided into two groups, one group on the roof to persuasion, a group in conjunction with the fire officers and soldiers laying cushion in case of emergency. The police ran Yuxiong patiently persuade, but the man drunk with emotion, did not listen, shouting to anyone near, my brother is not in the home for the elderly, also fell ill, I do not want to live, and make ready to jump. His cousin Ran Yuxiong called to common persuasion, but still does not work. Looked so hot weather, Jean Yuxiong had an idea, let the cousin name to send mineral water, so close to him, in order to further observe him, but still did not dare to rush to the rescue. That the man in the mood is still excited, may not be able to give up his suicide by persuasion, Jean Yuxiong continue their dialogue to divert attention, also arranged two fire fighters hiding on the rooftop, the cousin again close to him, while it is not prepared, one to hold, two fire fighters quickly came together. Success will, suicidal man back to safety, and sent 120 ambulances. At this time, downstairs gathered onlookers applause. The organizations involved in the rescue of the town police station instructor Li Jun, the men want to commit suicide called Fumou, 27 years old this year, Sichuan Province, Langzhong, in the city of Kangding workers. His family had a quiet life, after eating a meal of toxic wild bacteria completely disrupted. In a few days before his brother after work up the hill to pick up after eating wild mushrooms, died of his wounds. The two brothers deep feelings, a home to Kangding workers, but can not give the family a lot of pressure to pay they thought. Since after his brother’s death, he was too sad to tears, noon drinking a bottle of Jiangjin liquor, alcohol in the drive, more easy, gives rise to the irrational moves. For a sober emotional stability, the police were criticized for its education, pay some of their irrational practices is very regret, the families of the police, the fire brigade rescue thank you, thank the fire officers and police officers and avoid a tragedy. Ganzi police also remind you that it is currently an important season I state wild mushroom picking listed, the high season is also eating wild mushroom poisoning, the majority of the public to beware of picking and eating poisonous wild mushrooms, to avoid the tragedy.相关的主题文章: