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Bulgaria won the 100 million European aid deal with the refugee crisis in the EU: plus enough – Sohu news according to Xinhua news agency, the European Commission President Juncker announced on 16, the EU decided to provide 108 million euros in emergency aid to the government, to help the country cope with growing refugee crisis. Not enough money to send another EU informal summit held in Slovakia, capital of Bratislava. Juncker announced in a news conference after the summit, the request of the Bulgarian government in aid proposed before, the EU decided to provide 108 million euros of funds and personnel and material assistance to protect, to help the country improve border protection and control of refugees. In a subsequent statement, the European Commission made clear the specific use of 108 million euros of aid funds. The statement said that aid funds will help Bulgaria to better control the influx of refugees, improve the ability to accept refugees, improve shelter facilities, while strengthening the border with the border patrol and control Turkey. If the refugee crisis is not quickly alleviated, the EU will be in accordance with the results of the rapid assessment in the next few weeks to increase the amount of aid to 160 million euros. Juncker also said that in addition to the disbursement of funds, to the additional 200 Bulgarian border guards and 50 vehicles will be officially delivered in October. Reinforcements will be sent by the European border and coast guard, which last week won the final approval of the EU Member States, will be replaced by the European Union border authority in mid October. To stop the influx of refugees into Europe, Bulgaria is located in the southeast of the Balkans, and Turkey, Macedonia, Serbia and other countries bordering the eu. Since the outbreak of the European refugee crisis, a large number of refugees through Turkey into Greece and Bulgaria, and then along the "Balkan passage" to Western Europe and the Nordic countries. Since March this year, Serbia, Macedonia and other Balkan channel along the country due to overwhelmed, have begun to implement border control, resulting in a large number of refugees stranded on the way of migration. The face of continued pressure of refugees, the Bulgarian Prime Minister Borisov 15, the EU issued a distress signal, "immediately" asked the EU to provide 160 million euros in aid funds, to strengthen the soil boundary control, prevent the continued influx of refugees in europe. According to the European Commission statistics, the EU had been stationed in Bulgaria, 173 border officials, and provided a bailout fund of 12 million euros.相关的主题文章: