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Food-and-Drink Instant Home Mart is the newest, most convenient and the best online grocery store in Kolkata. This online platform primarily caters to the Howrah district near Kolkata and its adjoining areas. It has been launched by the initiative of an entrepreneur who has long experience in the grocery business (offline). Thus they can offer the online customers with the best price, products as well as facilities. Best price: Instant Home Mart offers its customers with the most competitive price in the market. Thus the customers can bank a lot of money by investing online rather than indulging on all the pain that is associated with going to the shops and buying the same products. Moreover, the interface of this site is extremely user friendly and has been designed in such a way that it becomes easier for the customers to compare the prices of the products before investing in them. Credit points: Credit points are also awarded to the customers on buying groceries online which can be redeemed at a later date to get huge discounts on the whole amount. The customers can also earn credit points by referring friends to Instant Home Mart and thereby get discounts on their next purchase. Therefore, there are many opportunities for the customers living in these areas to save some hard earned money. Free home delivery: Customers will also enjoy the benefit of getting the groceries delivered at their doorstep in their preferable time within two business days. Online shopping with free shipping for the customers who are buying goods above 500INR.Therefore, the customers can also save money on transportation cost that they have to spend by delivering products online. Weekly offers: The buyers can also wait for the weekly offers available at this site whereby they can save some extra money on the best brands that are sold through on this platform. The best deals are always highlighted on the home page of the website so that the potential customers do not miss out on such lucrative opportunities. These are some of the most lucrative benefits that customers are going to enjoy by indulging in online grocery shopping in Kolkata. Exploit such benefits by shopping your groceries online. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: