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Car solar film foaming please tear to avoid fear carcinogenic hazards are the most simple tutorial IWFA in order to reduce the driving Sun long time exposure caused by the pain, to the car glass insulation film basically is the owner will do the work. Depending on the quality of the film will have a different length of life. There are two types of life expectancy: 1, severe fading of 2, bubbling drum package. To remind you: if the sun film foaming, please immediately tear! Re replacement of the new film! Because the foam of the film will be released and a lot of formaldehyde! If the explosion-proof membrane tear bubbles will seriously damage the health, and even cancer! Car mats, car paint film, all contain formaldehyde, and the car after exposure, the formaldehyde content of the car may rise. Formaldehyde is in the form of adhesive viscosity, with the increase of temperature, the extension of time, it will increase the amount of volatile, which will lead to increased formaldehyde concentration inside the car. The car formaldehyde mainly from adhesives and plastics. After the film is bubbling, the closed environment between the film and the glass is destroyed. Formaldehyde in the car on the human respiratory tract, skin and mucous membrane irritation, harm to human health, and more importantly, can lead to leukemia and cancer. Therefore, if the sun film foaming, please immediately tear! Re replacement of the new film!相关的主题文章: