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Jin pull 80 tons of goods, trucks ride on the green belt, on the spot for the front borderland

Tianjin pulled 80 tons of cargo trucks on the green belt on the spot in front of midnight today, in Weiguo road from the southeast to the outer ring of half ring expressway Tianjin Chinese Bridge, a large truck pulled 80 tons cargo on the green belt, according to the driver in order to avoid a sudden stop of the vehicle due to fast speed, so the brakes too late, then riding up, but fortunately no one was injured. The accident occurred in the vicinity of Weiguo road and road junction days. According to the truck driver, when there is a car in front suddenly stops, there should be someone to get off, because the speed is faster, and is near Hashiguchi, so there is no time to brake, out of control under the vehicle ride on the green belt, and the card in the above, could not move. Reporters saw the red freight car pulling the goods, the goods wrapped in green linen. According to the driver, the car is pulling about 80 tons of equipment. After the accident, the traffic police immediately rushed to the scene for processing. Subsequently, the traffic police deployed two cranes and trailers to the scene to rescue the jammed trucks. In addition, the driver also find a new front, ready to replace the damaged front. Until more than 5 in the morning, the truck was eventually rescued, the driver will replace the front of the car, the damaged car towed by the trailer, and the replacement of the end of the truck directly drove away. At present, the cause of the accident is under investigation.

津一拉有80吨货物货车骑上绿化带 当场换车头   今天凌晨时分,在卫国道由东南半环快速路去往外环线津汉桥方向,一辆拉有80吨左右货物的大型货车骑上了绿化带,据司机讲是为了躲避一辆突然停车的车辆,由于车速较快所以来不及刹车,于是便骑了上去,所幸没有人员受伤。   事故发生在卫国道与天山路交口附近。据货车司机介绍,当时前面有一辆车突然停车,应该是有人要下车,由于车速比较快,加之是下桥口附近,所以根本来不及刹车,失控之下车辆便骑上了绿化带,并且卡在了上面,动弹不得。记者看到,这辆红色货车拉着货物,货物用绿色的麻布包裹着。据司机讲,车上拉着的是大约80吨左右的设备。   事故发生后,交警立即赶到现场进行处理。随后,交警调派了两辆吊车以及拖车赶到现场,对卡住的大货车进行救援。此外,司机又找来一个新的车头准备对损坏的车头进行更换。直到早晨5点多,货车最终被解救出来,司机则将车头进行更换后,损坏的车头被拖车拖走,而更换完车头的货车则直接开走。目前,事故原因正在进一步调查中。相关的主题文章:

From time to time changing faces of Liu Yan’s face hit over the false face sister group (video) tw.battle.net

From time to time changing faces of Liu Yan’s face hit over the false face sister group new oxygen subscription number: soyoung111 has recently been to Dabao Andy things worry… God heard be caught off guard Li Yifeng commented on the movement of Liu Yan’s portrait! Tiger body shock Xiaobian rushed to the crowd. The result is a high copy number! Too boring… But it was discovered that Liu Yan was a glimpse of the face! To say this girl really is to give the audience bursts of new faces. Liu Yan Xiong Naijin hit the face, false face and face sister group tour? To say this girl really is to give the audience bursts of new faces, first in reality changed in the nose, root up. The photos of this period are also fans of swelling, a variety of unnatural. Then his eyes widened, narrow nose, eyes also open, a little bit of beauty Liu Yan seemed to open the door of the new world, not hit the face Yang Mi, baby, Li Xiaolu, should have the feeling of little Hong Tao. It’s just a little suffocation… This side of the face is not recognize ah ~ Liu Yan latest self long so, Su Yan is still pretty good, more and more like a teddy sister group of Xiong Naijin. But now Xiong Naijin has changed, I guess probably don’t want to hit the face ~ then fold for a larger size, Yamane did up, found her nose has been the not very successful ah ~ has also starred in Zhu Xian recently in her costume is still beautiful. May be less Apple muscle, face is stiff, and previous costume than not so glamorous, saying the mouth is really not the same paragraph Li Xiaolu? Tactic sisters really love face. Now, each group is different. Was he, Auntie Qiong Yao qinlan tear, a star in the sky of the Qin Lanmao strength to the development of network cop, recently was photographed looking bad photos, please don’t lips the color it. Huo Siyan was in the "young emperor" in the perfect interpretation of what the face is then lovingly pathetic, now actually hit the face of striking one snag after another, sister lotus! This apple is really bad! Freaky Li Xiaolu is a fan, from the beginning of the sauce shener variable so it is pretty amazing, the latest photos have been so long, but still feel natural. Well when you this European style parallel Jiaafanda nose plus M lip is suddenly out of his long ~ I love sweet sweet ~ Wei Gan chin is definitely a flower this sister regiment, the chin is poking to ah, scared I thought to see Liu Baobao! Teddy sister group is really love red net ah ~ found this Yamane fans of the double eyelid take a more quickly into the inner corner of Tactic sisters face package. So look at the past, once in the sisters of the regiment Yang Mi was clean. At least it is becoming more and more beautiful, even if a woman is not married to walk too molimen. Tender cow five completely invisible. Now face is perfect. Does anyone think this two – dimensional self portrait is like Yang Zi?相关的主题文章:

Netizen Zaibao quit addiction School 1 years of the 30 thousand kinds of dark corporal punishment baxia

Netizen Zaibao quit addiction School: 1 years of the 30 thousand kinds of "dark corporal punishment" from February 26, 2016 is the "set" catch into the school, 16 year old Heilongjiang girl Chen Xinran began a nightmare of life, known as the Shandong science and technology college where the defense of her life "terrorist, selfish, dog cage". Four months later, she left the school as a problem juvenile correction. In September 16th, her mother was tied to death, she became a fugitive police reward. The next day, she surrendered to the police. Shandong science and Technology Institute of defense reporters found that she left in the diary, she caught a clear record of the process and after school, including school instructors frequently even corporal punishment beatings of students, but also at the toilet for dinner. In September 20th, the reporter went to the school is located in Ji’nan Guodian, 10 minutes from the airport, to see the school roof oversized font. The names from the way you can. The street naked in front of the school gate sideways, and sometimes there are container trucks and cement mixers roaring, visible dust. In the main industrial enterprises in Jigang developed Guo Zhen, reporters repeatedly asked the reporter found, few people know the existence of this school — school network rail fence with barbed wire, starting from the four floor, each floor has iron gate. Shandong science and Technology Institute of defense website said: "1996" school, science education, has successfully helped more than 7000 young people grow out of trouble. Ji’nan City Bureau of education only registered a professional quit addiction schools, students more than and 580 people." In the full iron fence schoolhouse, there are many unknown doubts: the school denied an interview with reporters, at present the school has to treat Internet addiction and rebellious youth business regulation; two as a sign of "psychological counseling experts" experience complex, one can not find papers and monographs published in psychology…… When a reporter asked the door is responsible for the enrollment of students, the school has no corporal punishment? He is quite alert to answer: "we are quality education." Shandong science and technology college campus violence defense put into the school in February 26th, Chen Xinran in only one day of the nightclub, by his father and a group of relatives identified, two strange man approached her strong hold. Resistance is in vain. Record the situation at that time she left the diary, she was in a "Lu A license plate of the car. The two men holding her legs and hands, pressed her in a car. A young woman found her body, her body of cigarettes, mobile phones, money are taken away. Chen Xinran took a turn, the woman’s face, next to a tall man quickly grabbed her hair, pull. "Ah!" That woman’s name is up. Her face was bitten off a piece of meat, bleeding. The tall man grabbed Chen Xinran’s hair, quickly put her into the saddle and the gap between his knees, with his knee hard top her shoulders. The other man quickly started the car, and the woman hugged Chen Xinran’s leg. Log shows, halfway, she wanted to run on the road two times, all.相关的主题文章:

Strange! Why many friends choose 1.6L instead of 1.6T (video) 音羽かなで

Strange! Why is it true that many friends choose 1.6L instead of 1.6T with "T"? The secret behind the expert turbocharged engine car with a digital English letter "T" for example: 1.4T, 1.6T, 1.8T… I believe we all know… Is a turbocharged engine. But where is the performance between 1.6L and 1.6T the difference, which is more fuel-efficient should be a lot of people are not too clear. In fact, the power generated by the T is heat and recovery of mechanical energy (by increasing the thermal efficiency achieved), without the only pure heat T. Coupled with T engine than with the power of the engine is much lighter, and can save a part of power, so in the presence of oil with T is very obvious. But with the T engine the engine temperature is very high, short life, high accident rate, but fuel-efficient power! Without the power of the T is small, the engine temperature is relatively low and long life, as long distance running in the city more than the owners do not T. 1.6L good, or 1.6T good? The car fitted with a turbocharger has a certain difference from the large displacement car. Turbines usually have a common problem, to start the turbine must reach a certain amount of exhaust gas in order to truly achieve the effectiveness of the turbine, so the low-speed and the initial stage of the turbine does not work. For example, a 1.6T turbocharged car, starting acceleration will not be faster than 1.6L. But when the intervention, the 1.6T power will come up, so if you seek to control the feelings, turbocharged engine is not suitable for you, if you are running high speed turbo like, it is extraordinarily useful. An engine fitted with a turbocharger, when the maximum power and not with the supercharger CF can be increased by 40% of the most common 1.6T turbocharged engine, the turbocharged 1.8L engine can reach the power back, even the 2.0L engine fuel consumption level, but not much higher than the 1.6 engine, on another level it is through the fuel economy and emissions decline. In the same car, 1.6T models are usually higher than the quoted price of 1.6L models 2 to 30 thousand, usually 1.6T quotes and 1.8L and even 2.0L is almost the same. We take a brand XT1.6L and 1.6T price as a reference. Turbocharged so that the engine in the case of horsepower less displacement, in line with the current trend of energy-saving emission reduction. The self aspirated engine in the protection of the offer, ride and other aspects of the more excellent. 1.6L cheaper, 1.6T more environmentally friendly. Later maintenance costs 1.6T greater than 1.6L, each will be more than 200. Small reminder that people will choose 1.6T driving preferences but most people are running to the fuel to comfort. 1.6 can meet them, but 1.6T is a little expensive oil, it is important, but also to burn the oil, although less than 5 cents per liter of oil, but for people who do not take T is still very concerned about. And the maintenance of the T is more expensive, 5000 km a maintenance, compared to natural gas to bother. Driving habits more better, such as hot.相关的主题文章:

Jac safety concept of gold medal steam_api.dll

Yangtze River and the Yangtze River Ping An safety concept gold medal reputation along with the construction and improvement of China’s highway network, the advantages of road transport has become increasingly prominent, more and more trucks on the road. However, the truck driver in a busy rush on the occasion, fatigue driving, illegal but often happen, therefore, to strengthen the safety of the truck driver’s propaganda and education has been urgent. In order to make more people pay attention to the truck, truck driving safety concerns, in October 12th, by the Anhui Jiang Huai Automobile Corp, Anhui radio and television "Blue Dolphin · the sound of the truck" hosted "joint action · Jianghuai pinganxing" once again into the Anhui Jieshou City People’s Square, the popularity of safety concept as a truck driver, passing out of charity care for truck people, to assume corporate social responsibility of national enterprises. The social responsibility of the enterprise for the first brand charity card security guard at present, our country has 30 million truck drivers run around outside year round, carrying more than 75% of the total China logistics transportation, which ranked first in the world. According to the latest statistics show that in 2015, Anhui province occurred in 13736 cases of road traffic accidents, resulting in a total of 2594 people were killed and 15343 injured. Among them, the number of road traffic accidents caused by freight vehicles accounted for 14.5% of the total number of deaths accounted for the total number of 26.9%. These traffic accidents are mainly due to the lack of awareness of some truck drivers traffic safety, traffic laws and regulations are not familiar with. This will not only bring huge economic losses to transport enterprises, but also a great threat to the safety of the driver. In order to enhance the truck driver’s traffic safety and civilized travel awareness, help the majority of cardholders to gradually establish a safe driving habits, "joint action · Jianghuai pinganxing" brand series of public service activities carried out gradually in many areas. Participate in the activities of Master Sun has twenty years of driving experience. Speaking of safe and civilized driving, he recalled a thrilling encounter that year. At that time, Master Sun driving his money to buy a new issue of driving in Anhui Fuyang koal Taihe County on the road. It was snowing, the road was wet and the speed was about forty yards. Suddenly the road right in front of a tricycle transverse drive, Master Sun immediately taken to the emergency brake, direction. Fortunately, he timely response, did not hit the tricycle, but the van was out of control into a telephone pole on the roadside, because of high safety performance protection vehicle, Master Sun near misses and no injuries. Through this lesson, Master Sun would like to tell you that in the daily driving process, such as encountered in front of unknown situation, should increase attention slow, slow whistle, careful driving. He said: the most important thing is to drive safety, if there is no security, family and happiness is empty talk! Jianghuai ghalefar has always been my most trusted friend, like the "joint action · Jianghuai pinganxing" this meaningful activity, I am really looking forward to it has been held down!" Excellent customer service service quality all praise as a senior fans Jianghuai ghalefar, participate in the joint action of · captain Zhang Jianghuai pinganxing "activities.相关的主题文章: