Content making is too difficult, and virtual reality may be pervasive for several years 神采飞扬的意思

Content is too difficult from the spread of virtual reality may have several years lead: U.S. tech blog VentureBeat published pictures of 500px Andy · CEO community today; Yang (Andy Yang) review article. Andy ·, Yang said, although the Oculus Rift and many other virtual reality devices will be available, but the popularization of virtual reality technology still takes quite a long time. This is mainly due to the fact that there is not much virtual reality available to the user today. Here’s the full text: 500px’s focus is on content, especially photos. Therefore, we are particularly interested in immersive video and virtual reality. We are paying close attention to the United States, the international consumer electronics show in the last month (CES) on the release of the virtual reality and the impact of consumer technology, and virtual reality will be accepted mainstream users and creators. Aside from the various media discussions, how far is the virtual reality technology from a wide range of popularity? The answer is, there’s still a long way to go. Simplify content making technology to ensure that the virtual reality content of the user is within reach, which is the key to the promotion of virtual reality technology. The rapid development of picture platform is a good precedent. If there are no smart phones that can be easily photographed, then Instagram and Snapchat are unlikely to change the way people communicate and express themselves. The development of mobile phones also reduces the threshold of video production. If the Facebook message flow in the content analysis, it can be found from the 40% video professional video producers, such as the popular TV show last night, and the other 40% video from friends by mobile phone camera. I can easily get these videos on mobile phones, tablets, and PC. The main challenge facing virtual reality is the high cost of content creation. Platforms, cameras, and software are all new and need to relearn. And virtual reality content consumption is not easy, users may need to buy expensive equipment. YouTube is very optimistic about the development of virtual reality content, and began to test the water can bring immersive 360 degree video. Although there is still a difference between 360 degree video and virtual reality, there are many similarities between them. YouTube’s investment is pleasing, but there are few high-quality 360 degree videos. Shooting a 360 degree video requires multiple cameras, which means higher cost and shooting difficulty for the producer. No special equipment is required for viewing 360 degree video, but virtual reality is not the case. Taking additional virtual reality devices into consideration, you’ll see that the popularity curve of virtual reality technology will be longer. If you want to really get the development of virtual reality technology, so users need massive original content, and technology companies need to focus on the possible virtual reality seamless viewing experience. This may mean that we need to focus on usability of virtual reality, not just devices. We need to optimize the current mechanism to make it easier for users to obtain virtual reality content. Google

内容制作太难 虚拟现实离普及可能还有好几年   导语:美国科技博客VentureBeat今天刊登了图片社区500px CEO安迪·杨(Andy Yang)的评论文章。安迪·杨表示,尽管Oculus Rift等多款虚拟现实设备即将面市,但虚拟现实技术的普及仍需要相当长时间。这主要是由于,目前用户可获得的虚拟现实内容还不多。   以下为文章全文:   500px的关注重点是内容,尤其是照片。因此,我们对沉浸式视频和虚拟现实尤为感兴趣。我们正密切关注,上月在美国国际消费电子展(CES)上发布的虚拟现实和消费类技术将产生何种影响,以及虚拟现实是否会被主流用户和创作者接受。抛开媒体的各种讨论,虚拟现实技术距离广泛普及还有多远?答案是,仍有相当远的距离。   简化内容制作技术,确保对用户而言虚拟现实内容触手可及,这是推广虚拟现实技术的关键。图片平台的快速发展就是一个很好的先例。如果没有可以很方便拍照的智能手机,那么Instagram和Snapchat就不可能变革人们沟通交流、表达自我的方式。手机的发展也降低了视频制作的门槛。如果对Facebook消息流中的内容进行分析,那么可以发现40%视频来自专业视频制作者,例如昨晚的热门电视节目,而另40%视频来自好友通过手机的拍摄。我可以很方便地在手机、平板电脑和PC上获取这些视频。   虚拟现实当前面临的主要挑战在于,内容制作成本很高。平台、相机和软件都是全新的,需要重新学习。而虚拟现实内容的消费也并不容易,用户可能需要购买昂贵的设备。   YouTube很看好虚拟现实内容的发展,并开始试水能带来沉浸感的360度视频。(尽管360度视频与虚拟现实仍有差异,但两者之间也有不少共同点。)YouTube的投资令人高兴,但目前高质量的360度视频还为数不多。拍摄360度视频需要多台摄像机配合,对制作者来说这也意味着更高的成本和拍摄难度。   观看360度视频并不需要专门的设备,但虚拟现实内容并非如此。将购买额外的虚拟现实设备考虑在内,你会发现虚拟现实技术的普及曲线还将更长。如果希望虚拟现实技术真正获得发展,那么用户需要海量原创内容,而科技公司需要专注于提供尽可能无缝的虚拟现实内容观看体验。   这或许意味着我们需要关注虚拟现实技术的可用性,而不仅仅是设备。我们需要优化当前的机制,使用户更方便地获得虚拟现实内容。谷歌眼镜和3D电视机带来的经验是,大部分用户不会急于购买价格昂贵但用途模糊的设备。Oculus Rift和HoloLens未来的销量数据值得关注,但我更希望看看,有多少人会频繁使用这些设备去观看内容。   那么这一切意味着什么?目前,创作者的眼前有着广阔的机会。市面上缺乏原创内容,因此我们有很好地机会凭借沉浸式体验去占领市场。但不幸的是,市场规模目前还不够大。   如果发行商和大品牌希望制作全新的沉浸式视频,那么首要目标是理解市场。除非类似Magic Leap的技术即将改变消费类市场,否则很少有用户能获取虚拟现实内容。历史告诉我们,原创内容是王道。在虚拟现实内容的制作成本和难度下降之前,大众用户无法获得足够多内容,因此没有理由去购买很酷但昂贵的虚拟现实设备。(维金)相关的主题文章:

UBS economist Wang Tao China is difficult to appear liquidity trap 泓鑫时尚广场

UBS economist Wang Tao: it is difficult to Chinese liquidity trap Chinese UBS chief economist Wang Tao: Chinese is difficult to appear in a "liquidity trap" liquidity trap is a hypothesis proposed by Keynes, when a certain period of time to reduce interest rates low, money demand elasticity will become infinite, no matter how much more money, people will be stored. Li Qiwei   China UBS chief economist Wang Tao said recently in Shenzhen, Chinese monetary policy and fiscal policy are closely linked, in place to build infrastructure, credit institutions will use a variety of ways to support, it is difficult to Chinese liquidity trap "". Wang Tao is on the evening of 12 to attend the forum of Shenzhen innovation and Development Research Institute made the above statement. The liquidity trap is a hypothesis proposed by Keynes, when a certain period of time to reduce interest rates low, money demand elasticity will become infinite, no matter how much more money, people will be stored. The central bank announced in August July Chinese financial data below market expectations, the new loans in July, broad money (M2) growth, the scale of social financing fell sharply. Among them, M2 year-on-year growth rate last month fell 1.6 percentage points to 10.2%, M1 (narrow money) an increase of 25.4%, the highest since June 2010 and M1 M2’s "scissors" to further expand to 15.2 percentage points, a voice said this is reflected in a "liquidity trap". The central bank official had responded that, from the M2, the two or three quarter of last year stock market fluctuations, so that the base of a substantial raise, resulting in recent months year-on-year M2 data some distortion, do not represent the true growth rate. The central bank expects that with the base effect gradually disappear, 8 and September M2 year-on-year growth will rebound. The central bank also said that M1 and M2 growth of "price scissors" mainly reflects changes in the currency in the various departments of distribution and activity, between the theoretical hypothesis and the "liquidity trap" far apart, and not necessarily what links. In this regard, Wang Tao in a public speech pointed out that from the China economy can be seen, the rebound in economic growth still continued in June this year, since the spring rebound is mainly from government policy support. Wang Tao pointed out that China’s high savings rate, the capital market is not developed, so the people’s money basically more than half in the form of bank deposits, such a stable source of funds, the bank continued to give enterprise financing, refinancing, even now many of the so-called financial or the development of multi-level capital in fact, the money market is different, or from the bank full of twists and turns, so liquidity is very rich. "The country’s high savings rate, a year has a current-account surplus, we output net capital, rather than asking others to borrow money, but someone asked me to borrow money." Wang Tao believes that in addition to this, the Chinese government has considerable control force, the bank basically is state-owned, debt is also a lot of state-owned enterprises and the government, so this case is not easy to appear the liquidity crisis, this is a good theory 瑞银经济学家汪涛:中国很难出现流动性陷阱   瑞银中国区首席经济学家汪涛:中国很难出现“流动性陷阱”   流动性陷阱是凯恩斯提出的一种假说,指当一定时期的利率水平降低到不能再低时,货币需求弹性就会变得无限大,即无论增加多少货币,都会被人们储存起来。   李启玮    瑞银集团中国区首席经济学家汪涛近日在深圳表示,中国的货币政策和财政政策是紧密结合的,地方要建基础设施,信贷机构会用各种各样的方式去支持,中国很难出现所谓的“流动性陷阱”。   汪涛是在12日晚间出席深圳创新发展研究院的论坛时作出如上表述的。流动性陷阱是凯恩斯提出的一种假说,指当一定时期的利率水平降低到不能再低时,货币需求弹性就会变得无限大,即无论增加多少货币,都会被人们储存起来。   央行8月份公布的中国7月金融数据低于市场预期,其中7月新增贷款、广义货币(M2)增速、社会融资规模大幅回落。其中,M2同比增速比上月下降1.6个百分点至10.2%,M1(狭义货币)同比增长25.4%,为2010年6月以来最高M1与M2的“剪刀差”进一步扩大到15.2个百分点,有声音称这是陷入“流动性陷阱”的反映。   央行有关负责人此前回应称,从M2看,去年二、三季度股市波动较大,使当时的基数大幅抬高,导致近几个月M2同比数据有些失真,不代表真实增速。央行预计,随着基数效应逐步消失,8、9月份M2同比增速将有所回升。   央行还表示,M1与M2增速“剪刀差”主要反映货币在各部门分布以及活性方面的变化,这与“流动性陷阱”的理论假说之间相距甚远,并没有什么必然联系。   对此,汪涛在公开演讲时指出,从整个中国经济可以看出,经济增长的反弹还是持续到了6月份,今年春天以来的反弹主要来自于政府政策的支持。   汪涛指出,我国储蓄率高,资本市场并不发达,所以老百姓的钱基本上一半以上以银行存款的形式存在,这样一个稳定的资金来源,使得银行不断地去给企业融资、再融资,即使现在很多的所谓的理财或者是不同的多层次资本市场的发展,其实钱还是从银行转弯抹角出来的,所以流动性很丰富。   “国家的储蓄率高,带来每年都有经常项目的顺差,我们是净资本的输出者,而不是问别人借钱,而是别人问我借钱。”汪涛认为,除此之外,我国政府有相当的掌控力,银行基本上是国有的,借债的也是很多的国企和政府,所以这样的情况下不太容易出现流动性带来的危机,这是一个好的方面。   汪涛认为,房地产和基建的好转,肯定带来对其他产品,比如钢铁、水泥、煤炭等各方面的需求,带动了全球大宗商品的上涨,所以从目前情况来看,中国经济是有所稳定的。   但是,汪涛指出,不管是房地产迅速的复苏,还是政府基建的增长,背后仍然是信贷的支持。现在信贷增长非常迅速,发展很快的实际是各种理财、券商在大资管理财下面的一些非标的发展,包括保险等等一些非标的债务债权的产品,变相的也是一个信用或者是信贷的发生。   从中国的金融形势来看信贷的增长,汪涛认为,未来五到十年最大的问题是宏观债务风险,债务增长过快的时候可能带来风险、这个风险其实更大的是一个流量的风险,不是存量的风险。她以2008年以来为例,建筑业和房地产行业的资产增长远远高于工业行业资产的增长,但很多资产的快速积累在不动产里,而不是生产性的资产。   她指出,要把降杠杆和去产能和关闭僵尸企业结合起来做,能够使得市场的纪律得到贯彻,这可能是下一步金融改革真正要解决的问题,要不然债转股成了一个帐面上的修改,表面上看起来很好,但是其实问题没有解决。   汪涛预计,将来的货币政策仍然是以稳健为主,而且应该是流动性保持相对充裕,不会说为了去产能、去杠杆有明显的紧缩的态势。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

The situation of Lenovo is difficult the advantage is very few, and is gradually forgotten by peers 拽妃算你狠

Lenovo: a tricky situation was gradually forgotten the advantages of peer a hammer Lenovo, in the end where the knock _ reporter Li Yating just end road a "started down, Yang Yuanqing got a hammer, in the middle of last year, he just criticized the mobile business," you are too slow, take a hammer don’t wake up on". Since the media people Chi Yuzhou in his number "business figures" two consecutive days of inventory Association, from personnel shock to commercial layout, from the enterprise strategy to resist the people of the technology, all aspects, including many "seize the line", "vertical storage" such a plot plot. To tell the truth, this is the first of two articles, especially articles there are many mishaps, such as earnings data and so on, but most of their views and attitudes have been recognized by the outside world. In my opinion, this is a good thing for Lenovo, and there are always some places where people can’t see clearly. Many years ago, the evaluation on the Lenovo began to diverge, the independent judgment of personnel changes, is more cautious because Lenovo in strategy, even too conservative. Lenovo has always been big spenders, PC began to go downhill when the purchased IBM’s laptop business, buy Motorola’s mobile business, although the mobile phone company also don’t want to fight but still not hit head broken and bleeding, Lenovo good overseas business card. Look at the domestic market, Yang Yuanqing said this year to let Lenovo in the domestic fight. In 2013, lenovo mobile phone in the domestic market is second only to Samsung’s second largest smartphone manufacturers; and in 2014, Lenovo ranked after millet and Samsung, ranked third; by the end of 2015, Lenovo has fallen out of the top five. Want to turn over in this year’s mobile phone manufacturers too much, Lenovo is not hopeless, but the difficulty is too large. Almost all big companies do business internally, and today we might as well talk about what Lenovo does. Lenovo also made "flash blind" project, eggplant fast biography is one of them, this is the current ZUK CEO Chang Cheng research and development in 2011, Lenovo is the first with billions of users of Internet products, once regarded as the best use of file transfer tools. In addition, it is difficult to see Lenovo’s excellent internal entrepreneurship projects, which is another reason why it has been questioned outside. Lenovo started a lot of business, and even in the industry first, but finally did not have their own position, smart phones are like this, smart TV is also the latter, which is particularly obvious. In May 2012, Lenovo announced the entry into the smart TV business, you know, the top two smart TV, music and millet are released in 2013. In 2014, Lenovo TV business department has launched the so-called "terminator" 4K TV S9, whether it is Group executives and TV business departments are very optimistic about the TV business, compared to the "pot" business, and strive to two years later to become "bowl" business. Just a year later, music, millet, successfully captured the top two seats of Internet TV, the eyes of outsiders are endless, Lenovo momentum is becoming weaker and weaker. In 2015, the group decided to combine the smart TV business with individuals and SMEs

联想状况有些棘手:优势寥寥 渐渐被同行遗忘   联想的那一榔头,到底该敲在哪里   文_本刊记者 李亚婷   刚刚道完一声“开工大吉”,杨元庆就挨了一榔头,去年年中,他才刚刚批评移动业务,“你们太慢了,拿榔头敲都敲不醒”。   自媒体人迟宇宙在其公号“商业人物”连续两天盘点联想,从人事震动到商业布局,从企业战略到御人之术,面面俱到,其中不乏“夺嫡”、“立储”这样的宫斗情节。说实话,这两篇文章,尤其是第一篇存在不少硬伤,诸如财报数据等等,但其大部分观点和态度却得到外界认可。在我看来,这对联想来说是件好事,身在其中,总会有些看不清楚的地方。   很多年前,关于联想的评价就开始出现分歧,当时这种判断无关人事变动,更多的是因为联想在战略上谨小慎微,甚至过于保守。联想一向出手阔绰,在PC开始走下坡路的时候买下了IBM的笔记本业务,买下摩托罗拉的移动业务时,虽然当时手机公司还不想现在拼个头破血流,但联想依旧没有打好海外业务这张牌。   再看国内市场,杨元庆说今年要让联想在国内打翻身仗。   2013年,联想手机在国内市场是仅次于三星的第二大智能手机厂商;而到了2014年,联想就排在了小米和三星之后,位列第三;到2015年底,联想已跌出前五。想要在今年翻身仗的手机厂商太多了,联想不是没有希望,只是难度太大。   几乎所有的大公司都提内部创业,我们今天不妨来说说联想是怎么做的。联想也做过“闪瞎眼”的项目,茄子快传就是其中一个,这是现任ZUK的CEO常程在2011年研发的,也是联想首个拥有过亿用户的互联网产品,一度被视为最好用的文件传输工具。   除此之外,很难再看到联想内部优秀的创业项目,这是其备受外界质疑另一个原因。联想的很多业务起步很早,甚至是行业里第一,但做到最后反而没了自己的位置,智能手机是这样,智能电视也是,后者这一点尤为明显。   2012年5月,联想宣布进入智能电视业务,要知道,目前智能电视前两名乐视和小米都是在2013年才发布产品。2014年,联想电视业务部门曾经推出号称“终结者”的4K电视S9,无论是集团高层还是电视业务部门都非常看好,把电视业务比喻成“锅里”的业务,并力争在两年后使其成为“碗里”的业务。仅仅一年之后,乐视、小米成功攻占了互联网电视前两席,虎视眈眈的外来者更是层出不穷,联想气势越来越弱。   2015年,集团决定将智能电视业务部合并至个人与中小企业事业部,原智能电视事业部总经理任中伟随即离职,这一调整,实际上也宣告了联想电视业务的阶段性失败。联想的先发优势没有体现出来,彼时手机仍然是核心业务,PC是主营业务,虽然智能电视前途光明,但是联想只是将它定位为种子业务,能够倾斜多少资源,集团说了算。   一直到2015年年中,17TV才作为智能电视子品牌独立出来,联想老兵熊文是其前任CEO,“一颗大树下面长不出另外一颗大树”,他曾经说。这一耽误,就是三年的时间,外面的世界早就变了天。   熊文在去年年中离职联想,他也曾反思联想电视失败的原因,定位是其中原因之一,“智能电视就是大屏幕的PC”,2012年,在电视业务刚刚起步,杨元庆曾经这样说。   同样独立出来的还有互联网手机品牌ZUK,至少现在看来,这个品牌还算自如,虽然出货量很难与华为、小米、魅族比肩,甚至在很长一段时间,它都难以成为一个可以靠量取胜的品牌,但是常程及团队可以作为一个独立的公司,用真正做手机的思维去做ZUK,而不是像联想现在内部的互联网手机品牌乐檬一样,只是靠低价格去生存。   现在联想的状况有些棘手,优势寥寥,它能做出的改变更多的是因为形势所迫,而不再是自己的主动选择。在友商已经完成转型,开始在一个针尖儿上下力气的时候,联想还在想怎么把产品做好、内部产品线怎么才能不打架,等这些问题都解决了之后,说不定这一波手机行业的红利就彻底结束了。   与华为相比,联想缺乏魄力;与小米相比,联想少了些互联网思维;甚至与乐视相比,联想都显得太过传统,四肢像是被束缚一样,玩转不开。原来相关不相关的公司都成了联想的竞争对手,渐渐地,也不再有人把联想放在眼里。这话不假,现在去采访手机行业,几乎很少有人会把联想放在嘴边,这种被遗忘的现状还不如被同行天天吊在嘴边骂,气势都已经没有了。   不能否认,联想是一家非常努力的公司。   去年年底,我采访旭东,他在去年6月1日接替刘军成为联想移动业务的负责人,旭东性格比较“蔫儿”,经常是用几个字回答一个问题,逼急了就笑,这种“笑”可真是无公害,搞得我都不再好意思继续逼他。   他说别人管自己叫“蔫大胆”,大意是说其做事果断、坚决,我想他说的应该是真的,做到这个位置,应该不会像我看上去的这般温顺、谦卑。但外界又看不到联想的改变,要么是旭东这样的高层还不够有魄力,要么就是内部的阻力实在太大。如果说在小米之后,华为是手机行业转型的排头兵,那到了联想这里,早就没有试错而言,就看是否有魄力,不给自己留后路的往前走。   想要解决现在的困难,仅靠移动业务已经不可能,PC更是无望,杨元庆或许需要分出一部分精力来关注未来几年科技趋势的发展,而不是跟在其他公司后面,通过收购的方式单纯追求好看的数字,要知道,任何一家伟大的公司都不是靠收购得来的,自身的技术和战略才是关键。   联想走到今天固然惋惜,但这并不是一家公司的问题,PC时代的巨头戴尔、惠普还不如联想活得滋润,但我们又不能看着它继续这样,无论如何,它都曾是国内最好的科技公司之一。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

Zuckerberg wish a happy Spring Festival Chinese video released a daughter 关一松

Zuckerberg video released Chinese daughter wish a happy Spring Festival   Sina Technology News Beijing time February 7th noon news, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) today in the Facebook personal page on the news release, with the Lunar New Year greetings to the user. Zuckerberg said: "Priscilla, Makos and I wish you a happy new year lunar new year! In the year of monkey, wish you and all your lovers happy, healthy and good luck." Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan and her daughter Makos filmed a video. Here are the speeches by Zuckerberg and Chen Chen in the video: Hello, happy new year! Priscilla and I were excited to celebrate the new year with Max this year. We hope you’re celebrating with your family and friends too. Last night was Facebook’s annual Spring Festival gala. It’s a great honor for us to have several chefs from China this year. They let Facebook employees eat the food of Chinese major cuisines. My favorite is roast duck. In order to celebrate the new year, our family had a reunion dinner together. This new year is also very meaningful for Max, because we took her Chinese name for her. Her Chinese name is Chen Mingyu. Chen is the mother’s surname, Ming is tomorrow’s Ming, Yu is the universe of yu. Ming Yu represents the hope of a better future for the world. Finally, we would like to wish everyone in the small family, good health, family happiness, the year of the monkey. (Wei Jin) 扎克伯格视频恭祝春节快乐 公布女儿中文名     新浪科技讯 北京时间2月7日午间消息,Facebook CEO马克・扎克伯格(Mark Zuckerberg)今天在Facebook个人页面上发布消息,向用户致以农历新年的问候。   扎克伯格表示:“普里西拉、麦柯斯和我祝大家农历新年快乐!在猴年中,祝愿你们和所有你们的爱人开心、健康、好运。”   扎克伯格及其妻子普里西拉・陈和女儿麦柯斯共同拍摄了一段视频。以下是扎克伯格和普里西拉・陈在视频中的致辞:   大家好,新年快乐!今年能和Max一起庆祝新年,我和Priscilla非常兴奋。我们希望你也正在和你的家人朋友一起庆祝。昨晚是Facebook的年度春节晚会。很荣幸的,我们今年有几位从中国来的大厨。他们让Facebook的员工吃上了中国各大菜系的美食。我最喜欢的是烤鸭。为了庆祝新年,我们全家人在一起吃了团圆饭。这个新年,对Max也是很有意义的,因为我们为她取了中文名字。她的中文名字叫陈明宇。陈是妈妈的姓,明是明天的明,宇是宇宙的宇。明宇是代表希望世界的未来更美好。最后,我们这个小家想祝福大家,身体健康、阖家幸福、猴年大吉。(维金)相关的主题文章:

Three ministries and commissions require speeding up the development of agricultural circular econom 四川大学蓝色星空

Government to speed up the development of agricultural circular economy stocks         Sina: This article belongs to the stock review section, only personal views and analysis of the securities consultation on related stocks or sectors, not official news, Sina does not guarantee its authenticity and objectivity, investors operate. At your own risk. For all the accurate information about the stock, please take the announcement of the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange as the standard. Sina Finance Level2:A shares speed Kanpan Sina Finance client: the most profitable investors in recently, the NDRC, the Ministry of agriculture and the State Forestry Administration jointly issued the "guidance" on accelerating the development of agricultural circular economy, opinions requires all relevant departments to study Taiwan policy support. The views put forward to accelerate the development of agricultural circular economy, improving the rural ecological environment and improve the efficiency of utilization of agricultural resources, to promote the integration of development one or two, three industry, to promote the use of resources saving and clean production process, recycling and waste disposal industry link resources, enhance the ability of agricultural sustainable development, accelerate the transformation of agricultural development guidance thought, and follow the principle of "13th Five-Year" during the main objectives, key areas, major tasks and safeguard measures, etc.. In addition, the recently issued No.1 document proposes to speed up the transformation of the mode of agricultural development, maintain stable agricultural development and increase farmers’ income, and take the road of agricultural modernization with high output efficiency, product safety, resource conservation and environmental friendliness. The utilization of straw and farm waste can be regarded as the typical representative of agricultural circular economy, and the follow-up of companies engaged in related businesses in A share market is expected to obtain policy support. In the listed companies, Katie’s ecological biomass power generation takes straw as the main fuel; the waste produced by the people of Minhe group and the bio available commodity chicken breed produces organic water-soluble fertilizer.   go into Sina Finance shares 三部委要求加快发展农业循环经济 概念股     新浪提示:本文属于个股点评栏目,仅为证券咨询人士对相关个股或板块的个人观点和分析,并非正式的新闻报道,新浪不保证其真实性和客观性,投资者据此操作,风险自担。一切有关该股的准确信息,请以沪深交易所的公告为准。 新浪财经Level2:A股极速看盘 新浪财经客户端:最赚钱的投资者都在用   近日,发改委、农业部、国家林业局联合印发了《关于加快发展农业循环经济的指导意见》,意见要求各地有关部门研究出台支持政策。   意见提出,加快发展农业循环经济,提高农业资源利用效率和改善农村生态环境,促进一、二、三产业融合发展,全面推动资源利用节约化、生产过程清洁化、产业链接循环化、废弃物处理资源化,增强农业可持续发展能力,加快转变农业发展方式的指导思想、遵循原则和“十三五”期间主要目标、重点领域、主要任务和保障措施等。   另外,近期发布的一号文件提出,加快转变农业发展方式,保持农业稳定发展和农民持续增收,走产出高效、产品安全资源节约、环境友好的农业现代化道路。   秸秆和养殖场废物的利用可视为农业循环经济的典型代表,A股市场中从事相关业务的公司后续有望获得政策支持。上市公司中,凯迪生态从事的生物质发电以秸秆为主要燃料;民和股份旗下民和生物可利用商品鸡养殖产生的废物,生产有机水溶性肥料。   进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: