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Google pictures services Google Picasa will be closed in May this year 半斤八两的意思

Google pictures services Google Picasa will be closed in May this year, Google Picasa will be closed in May this year, four years, the first update of Google Picasa official blog brings bad news: Google will be closed in May this service. Since Google launched Google Photos, people began to worry about the fate of Picasa, because there are many similarities between the two services, and Google Photos machine learning and automatic classification is much more powerful than Picasa. Anil Photos, the head of Google Sabharwal, said in his blog that the effort and resources to focus on a product can create a better user experience. Picture services have strategic implications for any large Internet Co, especially after smartphones become the most popular camera, and the demand for storage, management and sharing of pictures is even greater. Last October, Google announced that Google Photos’s monthly active users have exceeded 100 million, but rarely disclose Picasa related data. From the data point of view, Google Photos has been a relatively successful product, can completely replace the role of Picasa for Google. And Google Photos is a product for mobile devices, Picasa was born in the desktop Internet era. Many Google Photos users probably haven’t heard of Picasa at all. This is a product purchased by Google in 2004, and its main functions include web album and local image management client. Google used to push this product, but after 2011, Picasa’s development was essentially stagnant. For Google, streamlining the product line is better at focusing on core products. But Picasa users may be affected. First of all, Google will stop supporting the Picasa client in March 15th this year, and then developers will not be able to use part of Picasa API. However, for those who store photos on Picasa online albums, as long as you log on and open the Google Photos service, the original photos in Picasa will automatically transfer to Google Photos, which is seamless switching. If you don’t want to use Google Photos, you can still log on to the Picasa online album to view the photos, but will not be able to create or edit albums in the future.

谷歌图片服务Google Picasa将于今年5月关闭 Google Picasa将在今年5月关闭   四年来,Google Picasa 官方博客的首次更新带来的就是一个坏消息:Google 将于今年5月关闭该服务。自从 Google 推出 Google Photos 以来,人们就开始担心 Picasa 的命运,因为这两款服务有很多相似之处,而 Google Photos 的机器学习和自动归类要比 Picasa 强大的多。   Google Photos 的负责人 Anil Sabharwal 在博客中表示,把精力和资源集中在一款产品上能打造出更好的用户体验。图片服务对任何大型互联网公司来说都具有战略意义,尤其在智能手机成为最流行的相机之后,人们对存储、管理和分享图片的需求更大了。   去年10月,Google 曾宣布 Google Photos 的月活跃用户已经突破1亿,而很少公开 Picasa 的相关数据。从数据上来说,Google Photos 已经是一款相对成功的产品,可以完全取代 Picasa 对于 Google 的作用。而且 Google Photos 是为移动设备而生的产品,Picasa 则诞生于桌面互联网时代。   很多 Google Photos 的用户可能根本没有听说过 Picasa。这是 Google 在2004年收购的一款产品,主要功能包括网络相册以及本地图片管理的客户端。Google 曾经也力推过这款产品,但是在2011年之后,Picasa 的开发基本就进入了停滞状态。   对 Google 来说,精简产品线可以更好的专注于核心产品。但是 Picasa 的用户可能会受到一定的影响。首先是 Google 将在今年3月15日停止对 Picasa 客户端的服务支持,其次开发者将会无法使用部分 Picasa API。   不过对于那些将照片存储在 Picasa 网上相册的用户来说,只要登录并开启 Google Photos 服务,原来在 Picasa 的照片都会自动转移到 Google Photos 上,可谓无缝切换。如果你不愿使用 Google Photos 的话,你仍然可以登录到 Picasa 网上相册来查看照片,只是将来会无法创建或者编辑相册。相关的主题文章:

The trust sector continues to go strong against the tide, 3 leading stocks have been optimistic abou 皇女的踪迹

Trust sector continued to tide stronger, 3 leading stocks optimistic institutions potential Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag false propaganda, performance is lower than the same product for a long time, how to buy funds by pit? Click on [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! (original title: the trust sector continued to adverse economic strength of 3 leading shares by institutional optimistic about the potential of the foot) yesterday, the Shanghai and Shenzhen two stock index fell shrinking, the Shanghai stock market turnover is only 116 billion 440 million yuan, since January 7th this year, the turnover of the second lowest, showing before the holiday market enthusiasm decline further. Under this background, trust has become a field of yesterday, large single market funds concern plate specifically, trust plate yesterday, Shaanxi International Trust A (8.26%), Aijian group (2.70%), Anxin trust (2.25%), (2.11%) jwtm, AVIC capital (1.41%) and other 5 stocks were realized among them, the market rose, Shaanxi International Trust A, Anxin trust, Aijian group and other 3 stocks yesterday by the market the favor of the main funds, large net inflow of funds were 177 million 446 thousand and 400 yuan, 15 million 432 thousand and 500 yuan, 1 million 571 thousand and 500 yuan, a total of about 194 million yuan. For the strong performance of the trust sector, analysts generally believe that, on the one hand, Interim Provisions on the securities and futures business institutions of private asset management business management "in July" (also known as the "new eight") the introduction of enhanced trust industry channel advantage, is expected to usher in a volume of price momentum; on the other hand, in management in recent years, under the guidance of the regulatory layer, the trust industry innovation in business has gained many achievements, the formation of a good development is expected. It is worth mentioning that, at the end of July this year to mid August, the trust sector has been a wave of considerable market, among them, the air capital in the period from July 28th to August 19th the cumulative increase of nearly 40%. But after a period of adjustment, the recent frequent performance, after the Mid Autumn Festival holiday as of yesterday, Shaanxi International Trust A plate (9.93%), Anxin trust (6.50%), jwtm (5.81%), Aijian group (4.25%) and other stocks are outstanding. In fact, since this year, the trust industry still maintained a steady growth trend, according to the latest data released by the trust industry association Chinese display, as of the two quarter of 2016, the management of the trust industry trust assets for 17 trillion and 290 billion yuan, growth of 4.28%, slightly increased, but decreased to 8.95% year-on-year growth, the growth rate dropped two digits for the first time in recent years. In this regard, China Galaxy Securities said that the trust industry asset growth slowdown, yield decline, will effectively promote the transformation of the trust industry, and banking supervision of new regulations to guide the deepening of cooperation between banks and letters, will thickening the company’s performance, short-term positive industry development. In terms of stocks, it is recommended that "high performance growth + additional issuance will be + multi financial layout to promote steadily" Shun trust. And wealth securities also expressed good prospects for the future performance of Anxin trust, the broker expects the company from 2016 to 2018 to achieve operating income of 3 billion 972 million yuan, 4 billion 748 million yuan, 5 billion 334 million yuan

信托板块持续逆市走强 3只龙头股获机构看好潜力足 新浪基金曝光台:信披滞后虚假宣传,业绩长期低于同类产品,买基金被坑怎么办?点击【我要投诉】,新浪帮你曝光他们!   (原标题:信托板块持续逆市走强 3只龙头股获机构看好潜力足)   昨日,沪深两市股指缩量下跌,沪市成交额仅1164.4亿元,为今年1月7日以来的成交额次低点,显示出长假前市场参与热情进一步下降。在此背景下,信托成为昨日场内少数受到市场大单资金关注的板块之一,具体来看,昨日信托板块内,陕国投A(8.26%)、爱建集团(2.70%)、安信信托(2.25%)、经纬纺机(2.11%)、中航资本(1.41%)等5只个股均实现逆市上涨,其中,陕国投A、安信信托、爱建集团等3只个股昨日受到了市场主力资金的青睐,大单资金净流入分别为17744.64万元、1543.25万元、157.15万元,合计约1.94亿元。   对于信托板块的强势表现,分析人士普遍认为,一方面,7月份《证券期货经营机构私募资产管理业务运作管理暂行规定》(又称“新八条”)的出台,增强信托业的通道优势,有望迎来量价齐升的良好态势;另一方面,在管理层近年来监管、指导下,信托业在创新业务方面已收获不少成果,形成了良好的发展预期。   值得一提的是,在今年7月底至8月中旬,信托板块曾出现一波相当可观的行情,其中,中航资本在7月28日至8月19日期间累计涨幅接近40%。而经过一段时间的调整后,近期板块屡屡有所表现,中秋假期后截至昨日,板块内陕国投A(9.93%)、安信信托(6.50%)、经纬纺机(5.81%)、爱建集团(4.25%)等个股均表现突出。   事实上,今年以来,信托行业仍维持稳定的增长态势,根据中国信托业协会发布的最新数据显示,截至2016年二季度末,信托全行业管理的信托资产规模为17.29万亿元,环比增长4.28%,略有上升,但同比增长下降至8.95%,增速近年来首次跌落两位数。   对此,中国银河证券表示,信托业资产规模增速放缓、收益率下降,将有效促进信托业转型,而银行理财监管新规引导银信合作加深,将增厚公司业绩,短期利好行业发展。个股方面,推荐“业绩高增长+增发过会+多元金融布局稳步推进”的安信信托。   而财富证券也表示看好安信信托的未来表现,该券商预计公司2016年至2018年实现营业收入39.72亿元、47.48亿元、53.34亿元,净利润为26.68亿元、31.50亿元、35.15亿元,每股收益(摊薄后)分别为1.49元、1.74元、1.95元。合理估值区间为22.4元至25.4元,给予“谨慎推荐”评级。   此外,包括中航资本、陕国投A等在内的信托股也在近期获得了机构的看好,其中,国金证券给予了中航资本“买入”的投资评级,该券商表示,作为中航工业集团旗下上市的重要金融平台,公司发展依托大股东的大力支持,通过金控平台发展巩固传统金融业务优势,同时通过产融投资,分享国企改革、军工资产证券化的历史机遇,看好公司未来的发展,维持“买入”评级。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

Gaosongzhuan pinzao regulatory attention poor performance emboldened come from – Sohu securities 大沢佑香番号

Gaosongzhuan "pinzao regulatory attention poor performance emboldened come from? Sohu – Securities Times reporter Yu Dejiang "gaosongzhuan concept" has been popular on the market, the listed companies are keen to play this game, investors are willing to see the company’s share price rose. But in recent years, the proportion of transfer has increased steadily, and major shareholders have taken the opportunity to reduce, resulting in "high delivery" become cash tools. For example, at the beginning of last year, *ST (original Hareon Hareon) the top three shareholders provided related stock movements on "10 to 20", then, the three largest shareholder of instant holdings, just a few days in the hundreds of millions of dollars in cash. Let more people be struck dumb is, then *ST hirun issued 800 million yuan Yukui announcement, the stock price plummeted. This year, the high transfer Redubujian, currently has 171 companies to disclose the profit distribution plan, put forward 10 to 20 or more companies up to 29. Among them, Jin Sheng Precision 10 to 30 win, Tianqi lithium industry to 28 to send 10 4, 10 28 China the Great Wall, stick Jie shares to 26 to send 2 followed by 10. However, the four companies also received regulatory concerns on the exchange because of the high transfer ratio. 8 companies were concerned about the exchange as of February 24th, a total of 8 companies by the exchange for "plan gaosongzhuan inquiry" and this year, respectively, Jin Sheng precision, Tianqi lithium industry, China the Great Wall, stick Jie shares, Yuguang Gold & lead, CLOU electronics, Aidier and sea nexis. Focus on the exchange of these ultra high proportion of the transfer plan is reasonable compliance, and the performance of the company, whether, whether the leak, the relevant personnel have the intention of the reduction is the specific issues of concern. Jin Sheng Precision January 24th pre disclosure high delivery scheme, intends to turn 10 30, the next day received the Shenzhen Stock Exchange concern letter. The company in 2015 before the three quarter loss of 200 million yuan, the annual loss of 460 million yuan, the Shenzhen stock exchange requires supplemental disclosure and fully explain the specific basis high proportion transfer plan and the performance of the company growth phase, and rationality, and offer people, more than 5% of the shareholders and directors high within the next 6 months if there is the intention of the reduction and clear the reduction plan shares. Since 2011, the company has carried out the "high delivery" for the first time, which is in line with the reality of the company, and is conducive to improving the liquidity of the company’s stock. At the same time, it is suggested that the company will not reduce its holdings within 3 months, and the possibility of holding no more than 5% of the company’s stock within 6 months. Tianqi lithium industry disclosed the high delivery scheme in January 30th, and the share price rose by 43% during January 29th to February 4th. The Shenzhen Stock Exchange issued a letter of concern, requiring Tianqi lithium supplementary disclosure program rationality, whether the scope of super distribution, the confidentiality of relevant information, etc.. Tianqi lithium industry response, the profitability of the company in recent years the rapid growth, capital reserve adequacy, small investors by telephone and easy interactive platform repeatedly asked the company to increase the capitalization of capital reserve, stock liquidity. Tianqi lithium industry also said that the company strictly control the scope of insider information insiders, profit distribution plan does not exist information leakage related circumstances. The disclosure of the annual report of 2015 February 4th participates, the Shanghai Stock Exchange this.

高送转”频遭监管关注业绩欠佳 底气何来?-搜狐证券   证券时报记者 于德江   “高送转”一直是市场上的热门概念,上市公司热衷于玩这种数字游戏,投资者也乐于看到公司股价上扬。但近年来,送转比例节节升高,亦有大股东趁机减持,致使“高送转”沦为套现工具。   例如,去年初,*ST海润(原海润光伏)前三大股东提 相关公司股票走势 议“10转20”,紧接着,三大股东瞬间减持,短短几个交易日内套现数亿元。更让人瞠目结舌的是,随后不久*ST海润便发布预亏8亿元的公告,股价暴跌。   今年,“高送转”热度不减,目前已有171家公司披露了年度利润分配方案,提出10转20及以上的公司多达29家。其中,劲胜精密10转30拔得头筹,天齐锂业10转28派4、神州长城10转28,棒杰股份10转26派2紧随其后。然而,这四家公司也因过高的送转比例,收到了交易所的监管关注函。   8家公司被交易所关注   截至2月24日,今年共有8家公司因“高送转”方案而遭到交易所问询,分别是劲胜精密、天齐锂业、神州长城、棒杰股份、豫光金铅、科陆电子、爱迪尔和海联讯。交易所重点关注这些超高比例的送转方案是否合理合规、与公司业绩是否匹配、是否泄密、相关人员是否有减持意向等是具体关注的问题。   劲胜精密1月24日预披露高送转方案,拟10转30,次日便收到深交所关注函。公司2015年前三季度亏损2亿元,年度亏损4.6亿元,深交所要求补充披露并充分说明高比例送转预案与公司业绩成长性相匹配的具体依据和合理性,以及提议人、5%以上股东及公司董监高未来6个月内是否存在减持意向及明确的股份减持计划。   劲胜精密回复,公司自2011年以来首次进行高送转,符合公司现实情况,有利于提高公司股票的流动性。同时,提议人劲辉国际3个月内将不减持,6个月内存在减持不超过5%公司股票的可能性。   天齐锂业1月30日披露高送转方案,1月29日至2月4日期间股价大涨43%。深交所发出关注函,要求天齐锂业补充披露方案合理性、是否超可分配范围、相关信息保密情况等。天齐锂业回复,近年来公司盈利水平快速增长,资本公积充足,中小投资者通过电话和互动易平台多次要求公司进行资本公积转增股本,增加股票流动性。天齐锂业同时表示,公司严格控制内幕信息知情人的范围,利润分配预案的相关情况不存在信息泄露。   豫光金铅2月4日披露了2015年度报告,上交所对此发出了沪市首份年报审核问询函,共包括12个问题,其中之一便是针对10转20的利润分配方案。豫光金铅主营业务为有色金属冶炼及经营等,属传统制造业。近年来,有色金属价格下跌幅度较大,铅价处于历史的相对低位,公司经营压力颇大。2015年,豫光金铅实现净利润1251万元,同比下降47%,扣非后亏损4946万元。在主营业务利润持续亏损的情况下,公司仍实施高送转。上交所在问询函中要求公司结合行业的成长性、公司近三年的业务规模发展、扣非后的净利润情况及未来发展计划,说明通过此次利润分配大规模扩张股本的合理性和必要性。   业绩不佳仍然“高送转”   除劲胜精密、豫光金铅外,今年还有14家公司在业绩出现明显下滑的情况下推出高送转方案,追求股本的扩张。   太原刚玉1月19日预披露年度利润分配预案,拟10转10。公司业绩预告显示,由于钕铁硼磁性材料市场价格处于低位运行,毛利率下降等原因,公司2015年度预计亏损5000万元至6000万元。   顺威股份拟10转15,业绩表现同样不容乐观,公司2015年实现净利润212万元,同比下滑95.6%,扣非后亏损144万元。业绩下降的主要原因是受国内经济下行与空调行业去库存的影响,销售订单数量较去年同期有所下降。   此外,国联水产、广田股份、飞天诚信等公司送转比例都在10转10以上,而年度业绩却下滑30%以上。   主要股东“趁机”减持   在今年各家提出“高送转”方案的公司中,同样存在主要股东“趁机”减持的情况。   东方电热2月1日公告,公司控股股东暨实际控制人谭荣生、谭伟和谭克提议10转18并以不少于可分配利润的50%进行现金分红(含税)。2月16日,上述三人便通过大宗交易平台合计减持间接持有的公司股票431万股。   不过东方电热做出解释,称此次减持属于被动减持,涉及的“南华期货华富紫金8号资产管理计划产品” 2月15日到期,该资管计划属于证券期货经营机构开展的融资收益互换类业务,根据中国证监会2015年11月下旬发出的相关通知精神及中国证券业协会的相关要求,该计划产品到期后必须终止、不得延期。   棒杰股份股东同样存在趁机减持的情况。1月26日,棒杰股份控股股东、实际控制人陶建伟提议年度利润分配方案为10转26派2。随后,公司持股5%以上股东、董事陶建锋因个人资金需求,于2月17日至19日通过大宗交易方式合计减持公司490万股,占公司总股本的3.83%。根据棒杰股份2015年半年度报告中股东关联关系或一致行动的说明,陶建伟与陶建锋为兄弟关系,他们之间存在关联关系和一致行动人的可能。相关的主题文章:

The Ministry of transport network about cars to test taxi to a maximum penalty of 2000– fina 侯龙涛冯洁

Department of transportation: open network about cars to test   taxi to a maximum penalty of 2000– finance — September 12 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Qiao Xuefeng), the concern of the taxi industry reform policies before the Ministry of transport announced a new revision of the "taxi driver qualification regulations" and "cruising taxi business service management regulations". Clear, cruising taxi (the parade car) operators adjust the contract fee standard according to the cost of operation, price changes and other factors or fixed tasks, taxi driver qualification including cruise car driver qualification and taxi booking network (the network about the car driver qualification). In addition, the taxi drivers, bypass, Shuaike behavior, clear, rejection, bargaining, Shuaike or intentional detour way and other eight kinds of behavior of the penalty amount increased from 50-200 yuan to 200-2000 yuan. Reporters learned that the two order of the Ministry of the amendment sought the views of local transportation departments in early July this year, as an important supporting rules to deepen the taxi industry reform, will promote the parade car upgrade and standardize the network about the car business, promote the old and new formats fusion development law to provide protection. The two departments made adaptive modifications in the development orientation of the industry, the distribution of the interests of the enterprises and the driver, examination, registration, continuing education and so on. A parade, "taxi service management regulations" do what revised according to the "Office of the State Council on deepening the reform of the taxi industry to promote the healthy development of guidance" (No. [2016]58) and "network booking taxi service management provisional procedures" (Ministry of transport, Ministry of industry and information technology, Ministry of public security the Ministry of Commerce, the State Administration for Industry and commerce, the State Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine, the state Internet information office order 2016 No. sixtieth) regulations of architecture after the release, the revised "rental car cruise management service management regulations" to adjust the scope of application, and made a series of regulations on the taxi industry positioning and operators the driver and the distribution of interests. Taxi is an integral part of the urban comprehensive transportation system, is a supplement to urban public transport, providing personalized transport services for the public. The development of cruise taxis should be adapted to the urban economic and social development and coordinated with the public transportation and other passenger service modes. Through the clear positioning of development, efforts to build a diverse, diverse urban comprehensive transportation service system, better meet the people’s travel demand. The taxi "money" problem, request taxi operators adjust the cruise contract fee standard according to the cost of operation, price changes and other factors or fixed tasks, the better construction of enterprises and the driver operation risk and profit distribution management mode, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries. Two, "the taxi driver qualification regulations" what amendment after "taxi driver qualification regulations" on the scope of a clear, taxi driver qualification including taxi driver qualification and parade) 交通运输部:开网约车要考试 出租车拒载最高罚2000–财经–人民网 人民网北京9月12日电 (记者乔雪峰)备受关注的出租汽车行业改革政策出台之后,日前,交通运输部又对外公布了新修订的《出租汽车驾驶员从业资格管理规定》和《巡游出租汽车经营服务管理规定》。 规定明确,巡游出租汽车(简称巡游车)经营者根据经营成本、运价变化等因素及时调整承包费标准或者定额任务等,出租汽车驾驶员从业资格包括巡游车驾驶员从业资格和网络预约出租汽车(简称网约车)驾驶员从业资格。此外,针对出租车司机拒载、绕道、甩客等行为,规定明确,拒载、议价、途中甩客或故意绕道行驶等八种行为的处罚额度从50-200元提高到200-2000元。 记者了解到,两个部令修正案于今年7月初征求了各地交通运输主管部门意见,作为深化出租汽车行业改革的重要配套规章,将为促进巡游车转型升级、规范网约车经营、推进新老业态融合发展提供法治保障。两个部令在行业发展定位、司企利益分配以及驾驶员考试、注册、继续教育等方面进行了适应性修改。 一、《巡游出租汽车经营服务管理规定》做了哪些修订 根据《国务院办公厅关于深化改革推进出租汽车行业健康发展的指导意见》(国办发[2016]58号)和《网络预约出租汽车经营服务管理暂行办法》(交通运输部、工业和信息化部、公安部、商务部、工商行政管理总局、国家质量监督检验检疫总局、国家互联网信息办公室令2016年第60号)发布后的规章体系架构,修改后的《巡游出租汽车经营服务管理规定》调整了适用范围,并对出租汽车行业定位、经营者与驾驶员利益分配等方面做出了一系列规定。 明确出租汽车是城市综合交通运输体系的组成部分,是城市公共交通的补充,为社会公众提供个性化运输服务。巡游出租汽车发展应当与城市经济社会发展相适应,与公共交通等客运服务方式协调发展。通过明确发展定位,着力构建多样化、差异性城市综合运输服务体系,更好满足人民群众出行需求。 针对出租汽车“份儿钱”问题,要求巡游出租汽车经营者根据经营成本、运价变化等因素及时调整承包费标准或者定额任务等,更好地构建企业和驾驶员运营风险共担、利益合理分配的经营模式,加快推进传统行业转型升级。 二、《出租汽车驾驶员从业资格管理规定》做了哪些修订 修订后的《出租汽车驾驶员从业资格管理规定》对适用范围进行了明确,出租汽车驾驶员从业资格包括巡游出租汽车驾驶员从业资格和网络预约出租汽车驾驶员从业资格等,并结合网约车新业态的特点,对驾驶员条件、考试内容、证件类别、注册管理、继续教育以及法律责任等方面作了相应适应性调整。 三、为什么要对网约车驾驶员进行管理,修订在哪些方面考虑了网约车的特点? 无论网约车还是巡游车,提供的是面向公众的普遍客运服务,依法对驾驶员实行准入管理,这是行业管理部门为保证运输安全和服务质量的底线要求。 《出租汽车驾驶员从业资格管理规定》修订中充分考虑网约车特点,通过“量身定制”式的制度设计与管理创新,积极支持新业态规范发展。如:与巡游车驾驶员相比,最大限度简化了网约车驾驶员考试内容,并规定其注册及注销,可通过平台公司向发证机关所在地出租汽车行政主管部门报备来完成等。 四、巡游车和网约车驾驶员的申请条件是否一样? 根据修订后的《出租汽车驾驶员从业资格管理规定》,申请参加出租汽车驾驶员从业资格考试的,应当满足以下条件:取得相应准驾车型机动车驾驶证并具有3年以上驾驶经历;无交通肇事犯罪、危险驾驶犯罪记录,无吸毒记录,无饮酒后驾驶记录,最近连续3个记分周期内没有记满12分记录;无暴力犯罪记录;城市人民政府规定的其他条件。作为出租汽车驾驶员,无论是从事巡游还是网络预约服务,在申请条件上并无区别,为促进新老业态公平竞争创造积极条件。 五、从业资格考试条件中的无暴力犯罪记录等相关证明材料如何提供?会不会给当事人带来不便? 修订后的《出租汽车驾驶员从业资格管理规定》明确,申请参加出租汽车驾驶员从业资格考试的,应当提供符合相关规定的证明或者承诺材料:(一)机动车驾驶证及复印件;(二)无交通肇事犯罪、危险驾驶犯罪记录,无吸毒记录,无饮酒后驾驶记录,最近连续3个记分周期内没有记满12分记录的材料;(三)无暴力犯罪记录的材料;(四)身份证明及复印件;(五)城市人民政府规定的其他证明材料。目前,我部正在与公安部门积极协调,通过信息化手段,对当事人提供承诺材料予以核实,最大程度为申请当事人提供便利。 六、巡游车和网约车驾驶员的从业资格考试内容有何区别? 修订后的《出租汽车驾驶员从业资格管理规定》明确:出租汽车驾驶员从业资格考试包括全国公共科目和区域科目考试。全国公共科目考试是对国家出租汽车法律法规、职业道德、服务规范、安全运营等具有普遍规范要求的知识测试。巡游出租汽车驾驶员从业资格区域科目考试是对地方出租汽车政策法规、经营区域人文地理和交通路线等具有区域服务特征的知识测试。网络预约出租汽车驾驶员从业资格区域科目考试是对地方出租汽车政策法规等具有区域规范要求的知识测试。设区的市级以上地方人民政府出租汽车行政主管部门可以根据区域服务特征自行确定其他考试内容。 七、巡游车和网约车驾驶员的从业资格注册管理有何不同? 修订后的《出租汽车驾驶员从业资格管理规定》对巡游车驾驶员原有的注册规定有关要求基本予以保留,同时考虑到网约车新业态的特点,规定网约车驾驶员的注册及注销,可以通过网约车平台公司向发证机关所在地出租汽车行政主管部门报备来完成。 八、在驾驶员继续教育方面做了哪些优化调整? 修订后的《出租汽车驾驶员从业资格管理规定》关于驾驶员继续教育,只是提出继续教育的结果性要求,对继续教育的方式和过程则不再作具体规定,并明确驾驶员继续教育由出租汽车经营者组织实施,进一步落实经营者主体责任,注重继续教育实效。同时要求取得从业资格证超过3年未申请注册的,注册后上岗前应当完成不少于27学时的继续教育,以更好地保证服务技能与业务素质。 (责编:乔雪峰、夏晓伦)相关的主题文章:

Three oil companies said this winter gas shortage may appear in the oil price rise was proposed 肃穆的意思

Three oil companies said this winter gas shortage may appear in the oil price rise was proposed this winter gas supply or affected by the weather experts expect prices to fluctuate the reporter He Qing Shandong reported reading because of possible gas shortage, so the oil insiders suggest that with the price adjustment amount of natural gas. Today, CNPC, Sinopec and CNOOC conducted a natural gas price analysis, which is the second time that the three giants have held gas analysis. The meeting is expected this winter possible shortage of natural gas supply, so the oil inside it is suggested that a substantial international import LNG, on the other hand, domestic non resident natural gas price increases when appropriate." September 22nd, Shandong oil central enterprises experts revealed. In the first half of 2016, China’s natural gas consumption increased by 9.8% over the same period, in order to estimate, 2016 Beijing gas consumption or 16 billion cubic meters, "once the extreme weather, Beijing gas will appear gas shortage", the aforementioned experts said. This argument, Chung Petrochemical net gas analyst Wang Haohao agreed. The Beijing area is composed entirely of oil to bear the main security for the task, but at present only in North China, PetroChina Shaanxi Beijing line and Caofeidian LNG terminal, so the supply of natural gas in Beijing this winter in North China as well as the risk of shortage." Wang Haohao told reporters. In fact, from December to January this year, due to the winter in North China by continuous strong cold air and rain and snow weather, natural gas consumption increased significantly. At the same time, because the region’s natural gas pipeline transportation capacity is limited, coupled with the China Petroleum Caofeidian LNG receiving station affected by fog and haze, sailing schedule postponed to Hong Kong, leading to the North China Gas emergency. Helpless, the local industrial enterprise users were temporarily stopped gas until January 20th to re supply. At present, there are a lot of coal to gas enterprises in North China, but the upstream gas source is still very simple, so it is necessary to strengthen the construction of the upstream gas source and the construction of gas storage." Aforementioned Shandong oil central enterprises experts said. The weather of Beijing natural gas supply in Hubei Huanggang oil factory in September 23rd to restart LNG intake and debugging, preliminary plans in October 2-3 to begin a liquid; at the same time, PetroChina Hebei Bazhou China gas design capacity of 1 million cubic meters LNG device also plans to restart the day. According to Wang Haohao introduction, Huanggang LNG factory and Bazhou Hua Qi strategy is to store the tank first, until winter sales. "These two LNG plants are restarted, which means that there will be" gas shortage "in North China (especially Beijing) this winter." According to her introduction, because the haze, the Beijing many coal-fired power plants into gas-fired power plants, natural gas consumption has increased sharply, but the upstream gas source is single, only the Shaanxi Beijing line and Caofeidian LNG terminal, so once the extreme weather, Beijing natural gas gas shortage will appear. Since December 26th last year, Beijing temporarily take gas heating "limited supply" measures, strictly control the indoor temperature of public buildings, suspend the supply of industrial enterprises for the production of natural gas, the reason is that the haze affected by the oil imports of liquefied natural gas theory

三大油企称今冬可能出现气荒 中石油建议涨价   今冬天然气供应或受天气影响 专家预期价格将现波动   本报记者 何清 山东报道   导读   因为可能出现气荒,因此中石油内部人士建议,用价格方式调节天然气用量。   “今天中石油、中石化和中海油进行了天然气价格分析会,这是三家巨头第二次进行天然气分析会了。会议预计今冬可能发生天然气供应短缺,因此中石油内部有人建议,一方面大幅进口国际LNG,另一方面建议国内非居民天然气价格适当时候上调。”9月22日有山东石油央企专家透露。   2016年上半年中国天然气消费量同比增加9.8%,以此来估算,2016年北京天气用气量或达到160亿立方米,“一旦出现极端天气,北京天然气将出现气荒”,前述专家如是说。   对此说法,隆众石化网天然气分析师王皓浩表示同意。   “北京地区是完全由中石油来承担主要保供任务的,但目前在华北地区,中石油只有陕京线和曹妃甸LNG接收站,因此今冬北京乃至华北地区天然气供应存在短缺的风险。”王皓浩告诉记者。   其实,去年12月至今年1月,由于冬季华北地区受连续强冷空气和雨雪天气影响,天然气用气量大幅上升。同时,因为该地区天然气管道输送能力有限,再加上中石油曹妃甸LNG接收站受雾霾影响船期延期到港,导致华北地区用气告急。   无奈,当地工业企业用户被暂时停气,直至1月20日才重新供气。   “目前华北煤改气企业很多,但是上游气源还很单一,因此必须加强上游气源的建设和储气库的建设。”前述山东石油央企专家说。   天气影响北京天然气供应   9月23日中石油湖北黄冈LNG工厂开始重启进气调试,并且初步计划于10月2-3号开始出液;同时,中石油河北霸州华气设计产能为100万立方米 天的LNG装置也计划重启。   据王皓浩介绍,黄冈LNG工厂和霸州华气的策略是先将储罐存满,等到冬天销售。“这两个LNG工厂重启,意味着今年冬天华北(特别是北京)天然气会出现‘气荒’。”   据她介绍,因为雾霾,目前北京很多燃煤电厂变成燃气电厂,天然气用量急剧增加,但其上游天然气气源却仍然很单一,只有陕京线和曹妃甸LNG接收站,因此一旦出现极端天气,北京天然气将出现气荒。   去年12月26日起,北京临时采取燃气供热“限量保供”措施,严格控制公共建筑室内温度,暂停供应各工业企业生产用天然气,其原因是当时受雾霾影响,中石油进口液化天然气运输船暂时无法卸货,导致华北地区天然气供应出现临时短缺。   “今年冬季中亚天然气管道的进口量没有大幅提升的计划,保供北京的增量主要依靠华北地区的曹妃甸LNG进口码头。”她说。   据了解,今年中石油河北曹妃甸码头将增加9-11船的LNG现货,其中6-8船属于北京燃气。而目前曹妃甸码头拥有4个16万立方米的LNG储罐,以此测算其窗口期约为10-12天,因此在四个月的保供期内,曹妃甸满负荷运行接卸船只仅能达到11-13船左右。考虑到还有一部分长约的资源到岸,因此在曹妃甸窗口期以外的时间到岸的船舶可能会临时停靠中石油的大连码头。“从数量上来说曹妃甸今冬的现货数量会比去年多1-2船,但是码头均处于满负荷运行状态,因此并不能从接船数量上来断定北京今年天然气供应面临短缺状况。”王皓浩坦言。   “北京天然气供应并不是越多越好,而是因为北京冬天天气寒冷,其季节性调峰系数约为26%左右,”那位山东石油央企专家说,“因此中石油应该加强上游气源的建设和储气库的建设。”   其实,中石油也是这么做的,但上游气源和储气库的建设需要时间,不可能一蹴而就。   冬季价格上涨?   因为可能出现气荒,因此中石油内部人士建议,用价格方式调节天然气用量。   据了解,2015年11月18日国家发改委发布通知,对非居民天然气价格下降0.7元 立方米,并表示,将非居民用气由目前实行最高门站价格管理改为基准门站价格管理,降低后的门站价格作为基准门站价格,供需双方可以在上浮20%、下浮不限的范围内协商确定具体门站价格。方案实施时门站价格暂不上浮,自2016年11月20日起允许上浮。   其实,国内天然气价格是固定的,而国际天然气市场却是不断波动。   例如远东LNG,每年4月起其价格就开始下降,至6月-7月跌至最低,然后开始上涨,至次年1月。   “目前国内非居民天然气价格是固定的,一旦国家发改委确定了,其价格就长期的固定,其实这样做不利于非居民天然气的发展。”那位山东石油央企专家坦言。   他认为,非居民天然气价格应该是调节的,在天然气淡季时,应该让它们多用天然气,到了冬天天然气供应短缺时,就停止或者减少其用量。   此外,“储气库的建设资金也可以用非居民天然气价格的波动筹集。”他最后说。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: