Chang Chen called on Hsu Chi to endorse a new mobile phone without the knowledge of marriage (video)-66814

Chang Chen called on Hsu Chi to endorse a new mobile phone wedding scene without the knowledge of entertainment news (the Tencent week morning video Qin Fuqiang) in September 12th, Chang Chen appeared in Beijing to attend a conference of mobile phone brand. Activities, Chang Chen a dark suit debut, attracted a lot of fans to the scene. Compared to the previous day to cool impression, Chang Chen has become quite talkative, not only to share the details of the shooting and the audience, also talked about the recent movie experience working with Yang Mi. The good news and asked friend Hsu Chi married, Chang Chen also admitted that their prior knowledge is at the Hsu Chi circle of friends only heard the news. The same day, Chang Chen participated in the brand to the United States due to demanding as the theme of the TVC conference. The so-called TVC, that is, Television Commercial, commercial TV advertising. From the field of advertising spoilers situation, the TVC screen is used in the extreme black and white style, by Wong Kar Wai’s team director Xia Yongkang and stylist Zhang Shuping surgeon, from the quality that is movies too. Talking about the advertising photography, Chang Chen frankly quite enjoyable, "this in the film is his own, put yourself out for others to see, quite fun." According to the host site revealed that Chang Chen shot several times in the case of the initiative proposed by the director of NG, also joined the first lens hanging wire in the commercial film, the effect of which is Chang Chen "fly over the walls", adhere to the interpretation of himself. Asked why the commercials so hard, Chang Chen smiled and answered "because I am really very finicky", then he also cited the film in a line, "everyone applauded, it is because they do not know that you can do better". In the media interview, Chang Chen was asked about the marriage of his friend Hsu Chi. Chang Chen admits he was completely unaware of the previous, I was watching her circle of friends to know". At the same time, Chang Chen also said that Hsu Chi usually very low-key, she is very clear work and life, choose what kind of way to open their choice, bless them." Asked whether or not to send a friend a wedding gift, Chang Chen also smiled and said he did not know what occasions to give each other, I do not know if they will not do the wedding." This year and Yang Mi cooperation "Xiu Chun knife 2" in the interview, Chang Chen also full of praise for Yang Mi, "although it is the first time cooperation, but a spark, all aspects of cooperation is very understanding." As for cooperation with Yang Mi and Liu Shishi, Chang Chen’s answer is "leak, two of them are very good, is a good actor." Zhang Zhencheng and Yang Mi cooperation sparks after the wedding was informed of the wedding of the queen of the United States and the United States相关的主题文章: