Changchun man morning car smashed into the car theft thief 9 even the water did not let go-iptd-651

Changchun man morning car smashed into the car theft thief 9 even the water did not let Chinese daily news (reporter Qing Rongbo) from Jilin Changchun tourists Mr. Wang some depressed, during the national day to play in Xi’an, did not expect the car parked on the roadside smashed glass, about 200000 of the value of the stolen goods. The thief did not let even the mineral water in October 5th at 6 pm, Mr. Wang and friends in a group of three people from the northeast of self driving travel to Xi’an, 6 am to 0 PM, he will own a Lexus SUV parked in the east road five monk Qin Lu cross 50 meters West Road, on the sidewalk, then rest in near the hotel. 6 on the morning of 9 pm, Mr. Wang got up to the car in front view, right rear window glass smashed, items inside the car were looted, "I put away a suitcase in the trunk, there are computer, clothing, car and cash 4000 yuan, and a single counter the camera and the three camera, a total value of more than 200 thousand yuan." Mr. Wang said that the thief even put on the car’s mineral water did not let go. Mr. Wang’s car parked on the sidewalk that day, not a regular parking lot. In this regard, Mr. Wang explained that because the parking is late at night, he is not familiar with here, did not find parking spaces, see the roadside parked car, he also stopped. 6 at 9:10 am Xu, Mr. Wang alarm, the Public Security Bureau of the new town of East Road police station quickly involved in the investigation of the five. After the theft will be worthless items back to yesterday, Mr. Wang, together with the police inquiry monitoring near the hotel, you can clearly see from the monitor, the 6 day at 4 pm, a Shaanxi A license black car parked behind the retrograde Mr. Wang’s SUV, car down a man, hand tool Koshino the side of the car, the car smashed, climbed into the car theft. "He has 9 times into the car, the first car to the back seat items, and standing in the street, the goods out of the car out, transfer to his car," Mr. Wang said, he in the remake of the surveillance video can also prove this point. Monitoring also shows that the man about 40 years old, from beginning to end, are a person in the crime. In the process of committing the crime, some passers-by, the man quickly returned to the front part of their own, with a rag to clean the car. From the beginning at 4 pm to 6:12 in the morning to leave, the man during the crime more than two hours, and he will also own the car moved to the nearby crossroads, from a bag in the car stolen the car to throw back. "There’s nothing valuable in the bag," Mr. Wang said. Yesterday afternoon, the China Daily reporter learned from the Public Security Bureau of the new town, the police investigation.相关的主题文章: