Changzhou this month 9 days to ensure the implementation of metro construction to a wide range of

Changzhou this month 9 days to ensure the implementation of metro construction to a wide range of water often reported in all media reporter yesterday from the Changzhou general tap water company, for the construction of the city with the Metro Line 2 and ensure normal water supply during its construction, companies need to tap water at the site before the construction of water supply pipe network and transfer valve Tim install. From November 9th onwards, before the Spring Festival a total of 10 times of the water supply pipe Qiangai works, Qiangai during the construction area will be near the water, the longest one time will last 24 hours without water. Changzhou tap water company network general manager Zhou Ren introduced from November 9th to January 12th next year, Changzhou GM plans to tap water every Wednesday for a kilometer subway line No. 2 1-2 water supply pipeline site Qiangai, after several optimized plan before the Spring Festival, a total of 10 water supply construction. Construction from Wednesday night 9 a.m., two hours before the main valve is closed around the construction area, and then cut the water supply pipeline Qiangai, pipeline and valve installation, welding pipe interface, the construction of the pipeline flush, recently opened all the valve to restore the water supply. Changzhou tap water general company early has repeatedly research and optimization of construction scheme, construction time will make the greatest efforts to strive for early completion early water supply, but due to the 2 line along the site water supply pipe of different diameters, the construction time is not the same, the 10 time in the construction of each water usually between 14 hours and 20 hours. The longest time without water will last for 24 hours, the station is triangular November 30th Qiangai, because the site related to the main water supply pipe 1.6 meters to move, in addition to direct water supply, from nearly half of Changzhou area water eastward peace will be affected. Zhou Ren explained that the water supply pipeline Qiangai construction, there may be many times with the regional water situation. This is mainly in order to ease the construction of regional road excavation on the traffic pressure, a plurality of valves only in the same area in construction, so the same area may appear multiple times without water. In addition, during construction, changes of water quantity and water pressure caused by the closure of the valve, may also make the water supply valve burst breakdown, to expand the scope of the temporary suspension of water supply. Zhou Ren said that the current published water plan may be because of the weather temporary adjustment, so each regional water supply, tap water company will be 2-3 days in advance through a variety of ways to inform water residents within an advance notice without water in the newspaper and published by the Changzhou evening news, two television broadcast swim titles, three was released without water in Changzhou Chinese information network website, four is notified by SMS to leave contact information, five will be posted on the district without water notice, inform the water supply time and scope, to remind users to do water preparation. At the same time, the impact of large, long construction period, the fire will take the car to send water, emergency water and bottled water and other measures to solve the residents and to protect the basic water as pressing danger, the key unit of demand. The ten time without water and the extent of the first water supply time: November 9th 21:00-11 month 10 days 11:00, 14 hour plan. Scope: Star Road (West Road, Longjiang Road, ERON boy))相关的主题文章: