Chased with the owner of the conflict was the official face of the fire extinguisher violence

The shopkeeper was chased and conflict extinguisher face official: anti violence law – Sohu news October 12th, Guangxi Nanning Xingning District Urban Management Bureau of the 4 law enforcement officers in the enforcement of fire extinguishers were violent obstruction, with the shop owner, the two inspectors were injured. 14, surging news () learned from the Xingning District propaganda department, the owner of the anti violence law has been controlled by public security organs. Site users to shoot video display, a uniformed law enforcement team and the number of people scuffle, another law enforcement officers blocked a satchel to lock U man. A man wearing a shirt and trousers of the man seeing this, hit back a bag of the law enforcement personnel, and run to get the fire extinguisher. In the meantime, a law enforcement officer with a woman pulling, woman mouth continuously shouted "I want the police, the law enforcement personnel at the women’s clothes were after played women’s boxing. At this time, wear a shirt and trousers of the man holding a fire extinguisher successively to 3 law enforcement officers of the body and face to spray. After a man with a knife to help law enforcement officers took the knife after unsuccessful, both sides. Video did not record the reasons for the conflict between the two sides. In October 13th, Xingning Committee Propaganda Department informed that the district government official website, 12, 2 in the afternoon, Xingning District Urban Management Bureau of the people’s livelihood Street squadron reported according to the masses, in the Chaoyang Road, Chaoyang Bridge Street side of Kanto illegally parked vehicle to carry out law enforcement work, was a sign of "near documents snapshot" owner of the male shops anti violence law, the other not only forcibly obstruct law enforcement officers, law enforcement officers also continue to be pushing, abuse, triggering a large crowd. In order to control the situation, urban management law enforcement officers have always taken persuasion and education, and did not have a positive conflict with the male population. Suddenly, the shop owner men took a bottle of powder from their pavement fire extinguisher directly to law enforcement officers in the face, the spray head, and together with knives and another unidentified men armed with more than 50 cm of law enforcement officers intimidation and abuse. Informed that the conflict caused by two law enforcement officers who many were injured, uniforms were torn. After the occurrence of violence against law, Xingning public security, urban management and other departments to deal with the scene, the relevant personnel have been timely control of the police and law enforcement officers, the event was calm. Currently, the public security organs and other departments are carried out in accordance with the relevant investigation. The afternoon of October 14th, Xingning District Propaganda Department staff said that the follow-up is still under investigation, there is progress bulletin.相关的主题文章: