Chen Jianyuan 9.28-29eia is the 55 storm earned a profit of 50 thousand, crude asphalt silver quilt -demonophobia

Chen Jianyuan: 9.28-29EIA is the 55 storm earned a profit of 50 thousand, crude asphalt solution Sina silver quilt fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Prices are often upset, sometimes most of our friends are bullish analysts and investment results of asphalt silver, everybody ran like a swarm of bees do more, but there are many friends is heavily loaded long, even even stop without friends. For these see far can only say: follow everyone’s ideas to do is right, but the market is changing, not immutable and frozen market, correctly predicted that no one hundred percent, sometimes the truth is often in the hands of a few. So even if we can sure today or empty, remember to set stop loss and profit, after all, is not afraid, I’m afraid if you left a posterior always right. Public number Chen Jianyuan, Wei letter yuan6y. So to speak, return to today’s theme. Today, the Asia Europe plate type V rotary oil asphalt, the evening EIA data, dumbledore. The disk is like the fall much like poisoning. Prior to this, there are many people chasing, someone should be made empty, made the highest point of friends at the beginning of empty single disk has not recovered when Dumbledore had to sacrifice EIA, do much if not timely appearance also in the strange trend and short sacrifice in the abyss! And today I thought very early to keep up with you, I congratulate you on the morning of nine points; we decisively crude asphalt; the empty single do in the vicinity of 4330, while the Asia Europe plate type V rotation, but see far has been that today the market short, so continue to hold a wait-and-see. Sure enough, the market proved my idea is correct. At 11 in the evening, the asphalt plummeted, leaving surplus in the last quarter of the year, although the asphalt continued to fall to $4280 by 4290. But see far felt recently strange moment market prices plummeted to do so is very good, in order to steady profit, would rather not go after a few points that profit, finally can profit 40 points. Then see far did not choose a backhand to do more, but the market trend came out. Asphalt to long counterattack to 4290 at this time in order to see far sound reasons, far see this attack, and deliver the goods market, long extension, asphalt up to 4300 Wei letter yuan6y at this time, see far from the technical side and the news that the bulls will continue, can continue to hold, if not so, then the asphalt rose to 4310 see far is based on sound, open in the vicinity of 4305, a profit of 15 points. Although the Bulls also have a few points did not seize the profits, but not far from regret, as long as the steady profit, the profit of those points and how to lose. Public Chen Jianyuan. The whole day today, although not much profit, but more or less seen in the past, many single nearly profit 55 points profit, 10 hand 150T asphalt 55 profit of RMB 82 thousand yuan, this number is still looks good. This letter yuan6y, here today a whole case just completed, hope tomorrow can also be like today, and to victory. Public Chen Jianyuan. On相关的主题文章: