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Chen Xianchun: students in creating tourism in poverty — have a brilliant future travel channel original title: Chen Xianchun: students creating tourism in poverty in 25 on the afternoon of the eighth have a brilliant future, China students DV Culture Festival "Hunan new anchor" College Students’ innovation practice activity Changsha precise poverty and the province’s top ten finals tournament held at Changsha city was born desi Asia Television center. Hunan provincial tourism bureau Party Secretary Chen Xianchun led to the scene to visit condolences, and discussions with students athletes. 25 afternoon, the eighth session of the DV students China culture and Art Festival "Hunan new anchor" College Students’ innovative practice Changsha precise poverty and birth of the province’s ten strong division finals tournament held at Changsha taskin Asia Television center. Hunan provincial tourism bureau Party Secretary Chen Xianchun led to the scene to visit condolences, and discussions with students contestants, encourage contemporary college students to devote themselves to creating rural tourism activities, to show the new as a boost in the rural tourism poverty alleviation. Foreign economic and Cultural Association of Hunan Province, vice president Tang Xuewei, the Hunan Provincial Tourism Bureau, the Hunan Provincial Tourism Association, De Siqin and Minmetals estate group responsible person to attend a forum or spectators. At the meeting, Chen Xian Chun briefed the Hunan province tourism development and tourism poverty. Chen Xianchun said, poverty alleviation is a major political task, the quality of Hunan province tourism resources more than 70% of the distribution of concentrated poverty area in Wuling Mountain, Xuefeng mountain, luoxiaoshan, the province’s 51 key poverty-stricken counties are basically beautiful scenery, ecological and cultural tourism resources enrichment area, tourism is always the priority among priorities of Hunan tourism work. Hunan college students through the network host game, using the newest way to live from the media, field promotion in poor areas of Hunan little-known regional culture and rural tourism resources, boost Hunan precise poverty, this is a guest to Hunan college students in poor rural villages innovation practice a meaningful. Chen Xianchun believes that the biggest advantage of the tourism industry in the market, Hunan each year to receive 500 million passengers at home and abroad, the tourism sector is equivalent to 500 million people holding consumer orders "supply and marketing cooperatives, huge tourism market demand through the integration of innovation, openness and cooperation, cross-border linkage multi sectoral, multi field, multi industry to increase the effective supply of tourism consumer protection orders, supply and demand docking in place. In today’s mobile Internet era, college students are the most active mobile Internet creators and participants, the tourism industry is the most active areas of focus for the public entrepreneurship, innovation ". At present, the tourism sector is to promote the establishment of national development of modern tourism industry collaborative innovation center of the Hunan base in Hunan Province, tourism and tourism promotion alliance creating hit off the town, tourism and tourism maxspace creating demonstration base, strengthen the tourism passenger incubation and tourism innovation talents cultivation, these measures are creating provide students in tourism the stage of the country to have a brilliant future of innovation and entrepreneurship. Chen Xianchun hopes that students travel off the record every day staged innovative entrepreneurial passion story, activate the "Internet plus tourism" with creativity, innovation and creativity, will jisaimiaoxiang role in tourism industry cross-border integration, the cultural art elements into rural tourism product development planning, push)相关的主题文章: