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Chengdu men live online Cremation Funeral Home: not our employees – Sohu news today (November 29th) afternoon, some friends broke a man in Chengdu by "fast" software will funeral farewell and cremation process presented in the public platform, in addition to the picture, but also to the cremator with "fast to fire" subtitles. The man is said to be a funeral home staff. Aurora linked to the funeral home in Chengdu, the relevant person in charge said that the preliminary confirmation of the anchor head photo is not the museum staff, including the museum’s internal screen video how the outflow is also under investigation. Chengdu funeral service center trumpet Chengdu funeral service published a number of video about the funeral process. Source: APP – according to local consulting blogger @ Chengdu broadcast reporting users broke the news, recently, a man in Chengdu was scary live in hand. Screenshot shows, called "the Chengdu funeral service center" anchor issued a total of 169 works, including video content funeral farewell ceremony, cremation and burial, funeral hall, portrait, or even directly with faceless and close-up photographs of the remains, as frequently frequency allotment, as well as similar to children worship incense, into the furnace body "," fast to fire "in subtitles. It is said that the anchor is a funeral home staff. Quick account Chengdu funeral service center will process the funeral funeral and cremation in public platform, with terrifying subtitles. Source: Live @ Chengdu and screenshots show that users quickly to the official account complaints: "some people live also control whether the cremation!!!" The number of public Sohu Aurora found today at 3 pm, then has not search "Chengdu funeral service center account. But one called Chengdu funeral service account claiming to be its trumpet. Currently, Chengdu funeral service account is still 8 related videos. The picture is not only a full of wreaths funeral hall, remains refrigerated cabinet interior, as well as a young women and the elderly as well as the staff to clear their makeup, wearing a shroud body process and promote the cremator. Quick account Chengdu funeral service center will process the funeral funeral and cremation in public platform, with terrifying subtitles. Source: @ Chengdu live with the video, anchor hit "cold, too much body", "just moving around", "too many dead bodies have been overflowing, no vacancy", "quick fire" subtitles. More startling, there is a special shooting out of accidental death victims lying in the morgue area bloodshed on the stretcher video, dark red blood flowing slowly outward, dropping to the ground screen without making code processing. According to the micro signal, Aurora contact the anchor. The other said quickly broadcast the account was closed, also made a number of background shots, shown above, there are 28 thousand fans. After that he no longer reply, also did not introduce his work unit and occupation. Quick account Chengdu funeral service center to anchor the aurora to account has been closed background shots. Aurora noted that none of the videos had been taken to the funeral home, but the identity on one side of the wall showed that it was相关的主题文章: