Chery Tiggo 7 officially listed price of 9.79-15.39 million yuan in Beijing-mkdv-02

Chery Tiggo 7 officially listed price of 9.79-15.39 million yuan – Beijing, Beijing, September 21, the evening of September 20th, Chery Tiggo 7 in Beijing officially listed, the launch of the new car is equipped with 1.5T and 2.0L two kinds of power a total of 9 models, the guidance price of 9.79-15.39 million yuan, in December 31, 2016, the purchase of 7 2.0DVVT-CVT version and Yao Zhen Rui Hu Yao order additional edition models enjoy preferential 4000 yuan. Tiggo 7 is a compact SUV Chery launched a higher positioning Tiggo 5, based on the T1X platform to build, the interior and exterior are made of a new design, power and control is also improved. The new car uses Chery’s new design language, the appearance of the continuation of a large number of elements of the TX concept car, the overall shape of fashion and vitality. Tiggo 7 of the length and breadth were 4505mm 1837mm 1670mm, wheelbase 2670mm. The interior part, the new design is very simple, hierarchical control Taiwan intermediate with suture made of leather trim, looks better; central console is a 9 Inch Touch screen, most of the functions including air conditioning air conditioning, are integrated in the control panel. New interior materials and workmanship are very good. The new configuration, the center console 9 inch LCD screen support navigation, panoramic images, mobile phone mapping, 4G Wifi and other functions, with models will be equipped with segmented panoramic sunroof. Security configuration, Tiggo 7 new car is equipped with engine start stop, rearview mirror electric folding heating, blind spot monitoring, lane departure warning, an auxiliary vehicle remote control function. In the high allocation of vehicles equipped with 4 probe before radar, and 360° the full panoramic surveillance imaging system. In addition, blind spot monitoring, lane change assist, lane departure warning and other high-end intelligent driving assistant system is also reflected in the high allocation of vehicles Tiggo 7. Power systems, Tiggo 7 provides 1.5T and 2.0L two engines, which 1.5T engine, 6 speed manual gearbox and 6 speed DCT dual clutch gearbox, the 2.0L engine matching CVT stepless gearbox. Chassis, Tiggo 7 with four wheel independent suspension structure, wherein the rear suspension uses a multi link independent suspension subframe + form. Chery Tiggo 7 is the current flagship level SUV, on behalf of Chery’s new design aesthetics and engineering, after the listing will directly with Geely bullyear, Harvard H6, Roewe RX5 and other models of competition, the independent brand in the level of the fighting has been quite intense, compared with competing products, Tiggo 7 once won many awards the appearance in the fight for some of the advantages of young consumers, in addition to a new platform also gives no small expectations.相关的主题文章: