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China CDPF chairman Zhang Haidi became chairman of the Edinburgh International Rehabilitation Xinhua (reporter Gui Tao) in October 27, officially became the new chairman of the international rehabilitation China CDPF chairman Zhang Haidi 27 in the UK at the Edinburgh International Conference on rehabilitation of the world. Zhang Haidi said in his inaugural address at the conference closing ceremony, there are 1 billion disabled people in the world, the international rehabilitation work to help them improve their living conditions and create conditions to enable more people to obtain rehabilitation, education, employment opportunities, live a life of dignity. Zhang Haidi said that as president of rehabilitation means that the new mission and responsibility to do a good job of rehabilitation of persons with disabilities, to achieve equality, sharing, integration of the disabled, far-reaching significance. She called on the international community to make greater efforts to eliminate discrimination and prejudice, with particular emphasis on the survival and development of women and children with disabilities. The former chairman of the international rehabilitation Jan · Mons Buchan in an interview with Xinhua News Agency reporters said that Zhang Haidi became chairman of the international rehabilitation and the world rehabilitation service is an important moment, he expects Zhang Haidi to better mobilize resources, play the energy in the president’s position, and make greater contributions to the international undertaking for the rehabilitation of the disabled. Four years of Rehabilitation International World Congress held in Edinburgh from 25 to 27, more than 1000 representatives from more than more than and 60 countries and regions to participate in the meeting. Zhang Haidi was elected president designate of Rehabilitation International in 2014, its chairman until 2020. Rehabilitation International was founded in 1922 in the United States, is committed to promoting rehabilitation and welfare of people with disabilities. At present, government agencies, more than more than and 100 countries and regions of non governmental organizations, individuals and groups as members, China CDPF into rehabilitation in 1988, become the member countries. Editor: Chen Chen SN225相关的主题文章: