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Chinese dairy quality name — Society — this is a high degree of social concern in the industry, involving thousands on thousands of consumers. This is an experience from the rapid development of the industry to the bottom again from the ashes. In 2008 as the time node, China’s dairy industry full force, positive transformation to the modern dairy industry. "Built homes, feed the grass, raise a cattle, produce good milk, dairy China recast dignity" has become the common people to China dairy. Today, after 8 years of efforts, the standardization of large-scale farming has become the mainstream, dairy companies to accelerate the construction of a stable and controllable milk base, the main quality indicators of fresh milk can be comparable with the developed countries…… China’s dairy industry with a new look in front of the world. Quality and safety in the best period in August this year, there are two things to make people quite exciting dairy. One is the first published "Chinese dairy quality report" for China Name: China’s dairy raw milk banned additives sampling pass rate for 7 consecutive years to maintain 100%. 2015 marks the quality of dairy products, milk yield and average value reached 3.14% and 3.69% respectively, were higher than the national standard of China’s "raw milk" of 0.34 and 0.59 percentage points. The total number of colonies decreased to 467 thousand CFU mL, well below the national standard of 2 million CFU mL, the number of somatic cells fell to 333 thousand mL, the main quality and health indicators reached the level of developed countries. Agriculture minister Han Changfu said: "after 8 years of efforts, China’s dairy industry as a warning for the future, the Jedi and the ashes, to achieve leapfrog development. At present, the quality and safety level is in the best period of history." The two is not long ago, JUNLEBAO infant formula announced to enter the Hongkong market sales to "with the same price, the detection of milk JUNLEBAO international authoritative testing organizations SGS Swiss standard surveyor, in nutrition, food safety and other aspects, all in accordance with Hongkong standards. From Hongkong to buy milk powder, to go to Hongkong to sell milk powder, such a change is exciting. Behind the change is the country to boost the dairy industry’s determination as solid as rocks. In October 2008, the State Council promulgated the regulations on the supervision and administration of the quality and safety of dairy products, which is the first regulation of China’s dairy industry. The top drive, industry consolidation followed, "milk rectifying and revitalization plan" to develop the dairy industry 3 years of planning the revitalization of the "management approach" the acquisition of fresh milk production of fresh milk production, purchase, transportation and inspection. After this, the normative documents of China’s dairy industry, with a high frequency in the public eye, relates to fresh milk, infant milk powder production, sampling, transportation, and other aspects of mergers and acquisitions. A series of policies and systems have been introduced for the sustained and healthy development of dairy industry to build a long-term mechanism. At the same time, a series of real money subsidies also went into the field of dairy industry. Policies and funding began to gradually show the driving force for China’s dairy industry. In 2015, the proportion of the scale of dairy farming in China was close to 50%, with an average annual increase of about 4 percentage points相关的主题文章: