China rose sharply in the Russian mobile phone sales accounted for half of the country; or the luonv

China rose sharply in the Russian   mobile phone sales accounted for half of the country; or the Russian market — communication channel — original title: China mobile phone sales in Russia increased sharply or the Russian market accounted for half of the country according to Russian media reports, China intelligent mobile phone this year in the Russian market sales rose sharply, the latest statistics show that the intelligent mobile phone Chinese ZTE the company production of this year sold to Russia, Russia occupied the smart mobile phone market share of 9.4%, for the first time beyond the apple mobile phone sales, instead of the apple mobile phone in the Russian mobile phone sale second position. The Russian market believes that the cause of ZTE mobile phone market share increased first lies in the product quality and high intelligent mobile phone, but also its market strategy is correct, reasonable and efficient series advertising results. Russia’s "news" had previously reported that ZTE intelligent mobile phone sales have been steady growth in Russia in June this year, the Russian market sales ranked third, and in July the market share of only 0.1 percentage points behind Apple’s mobile phone. In the first half of this year, ZTE’s share of the Russian mobile phone market doubled compared with the same period last year, the report said. Russian retailer Euroset on behalf of ulyana? Smalley sikaya to Russia’s "news" said, in terms of quantity, ZTE mobile phone share growth of more than 8%, an increase of more than 5 percentage points. When it comes to mobile phone in Russia successfully Chinese, Russian mobile phone sales industry believes that the economic crisis and the devaluation of the ruble to Chinese intelligent mobile phone showing a strong advantage in price, ZTE in the Russian advertising and marketing initiatives are also remarkable, most interval product models cover the market, praised by consumers. Russian retailers MTS statistics show that in addition to ZTE mobile phones, other Chinese mobile phone brand sales are rising. HUAWEI mobile phone only in the first quarter of this year sold 124 thousand units, compared with the same period last year over three. Russian analyst Telecom Daily strategist at Shajilin? In late July to the Russian "Kommersant" said that Lenovo has become one of the most popular in Russia China intelligent mobile phone products, the current market share of approximately 8%. The Russian "Kommersant" high-tech products commentator Alexander levy that China? Intelligent mobile phone not only rely on the price advantage, but also on the technical performance to attract users. Russian mobile communications retailer Svyaznoy July data show that China’s smartphone market share in Russia for the first time in the first quarter of this year, more than 30%. The industry believes that the mobile phone sales in Russia China rise significantly this year, and may be in a relatively short period of time is on the forefront of South Korea’s Samsung smart mobile phone, shake the status of the Russian market ranked first. Russia’s largest mobile operators have recently attached particular importance to strengthen strategic cooperation with China’s famous mobile phone manufacturers. One of Russia’s leading mobile operator MTS in August this year the company and HUAWEI company signed a strategic cooperation agreement, and according to the agreement to sell all HUAWEI series of intelligent mobile phone products in its all over Russia throughout the chain stores and to provide customers with special offers. With China’s mobile phone selling Russian, Russia and China in相关的主题文章: