Chinese CASIC integrated operations – Beijing coastal defense system-ghost observer

Chinese CASIC: coastal defense system to achieve the overall operations – Beijing, China News Agency, Zhuhai (reporter Zhang Su) in November 2, Chinese CASIC hospitals spokesman Yin Lixin 2, told the News Agency reporter, unveiled the eleventh session of China international aviation and Aerospace Exhibition on the coast defense system, to better serve the construction of global combat missile system. This air show, China CASIC debut supersonic anti-ship missile CM – 302. Yin Lixin said that it can not only combat large and medium surface ships, but also can be used to combat ground fixed targets, with small size, light weight, power, modular, high precision advantages. According to reports, CM – 302 to achieve full supersonic low altitude flight, strong penetration ability, high accuracy, warhead weight, damage effect, also can realize stand-off, fit a variety of platforms can also change the seeker. Yin Lixin explained that the coastal defense system by early warning systems, command and control system, decision support system, communication system, fire unit, damage assessment system, operational support system composed of. Generally established in the coastal areas of the country or region, to the territorial waters, coast lines, maritime transport lines, offshore oil and gas facilities, marine resources for all-weather monitoring. In addition to the CM – 302, China Aerospace Science and industry in the air show exhibition of submarine anti-ship missile CM 708UNB. The development staff said, CM 708UNB has greatly improved the range and depth of emission, can be more subtle attack on the sea of large and medium-sized ship and offshore targets on land, effectively improve their submarine survivability. The debut of multipurpose tactical air show precision attack missile weapon system CM 501GA, you can perform tasks more firepower system consists of missiles, box type vertical launch system, and car charges technical support and assurance system, mainly used for various types of fixed target on the ground, and the ground or sea maneuvering target. Yin Lixin said that this exhibition will achieve the sea shore coastal defense system combined with potential firepower information capacity of the whole logistics, battlefield management, drive the enemy deterrence and fire damage, will effectively protect the peacetime and wartime national maritime rights and maritime security. (end)相关的主题文章: