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Chinese the supreme law of the second circuit court arraignment Changchun sun brothers Mafia case – Sohu news Beijing Changchun September 26,   (Guo Jia) China the supreme law of the second circuit court of 26 in Jilin Province, Changchun City Intermediate People’s court held a public hearing according to law, Sun Baoguo, Sun Baodong, Sun Baomin guilty of intentional homicide, organization, leadership, participating in mafia crime case, blackmail and impose exactions on etc.. As China’s Supreme People’s court sent a permanent judicial body, the two court of Liaoning, Jilin, Heilongjiang three major administrative and civil and commercial cases. The intermediate people’s Court of Changchun is one of the 11 tour points set up by the court in the circuit. This case is the first criminal retrial case after the establishment of the second circuit court hearing. November 18, 2011, Jilin City Intermediate People’s court has publicly sentenced the case. The original effective judgment, the defendant Sun Baoguo, Sun Baomin, Sun Baodong three brothers from the beginning of 1990, in the Changchun Kaixuan steel market in the retail sales of steel. At the beginning of 2000, Sun Baoguo has courted social idlers as thugs, wantonly intentional injury, illegal detention, affray, forced transactions, obstruction of official business and other illegal and criminal activities, and gradually formed a Mafia organization, with Sun Baoguo as the leader of the stable. The original judgment, also identified Sun Baoguo’s murder and blackmail and impose exactions on other crimes. Accordingly, the trial court imprisonment, suspended the death penalty of punishment for Sun Baoguo et al to. For Sun Baomin Sun Baoguo, Sun Baodong’s relatives and refused to accept the verdict, appeal to the supreme law, the supreme law of the second circuit court review, that the complainant’s appeal in accordance with the "People’s Republic of China criminal law" provisions of article 242nd of the new trial situation, decided to review the case. The Supreme People’s Court of full-time members of the judicial committee, the second circuit court judge Hu Yunteng, the second circuit court vice president Yu Zhengping, the presiding judge Qi Su, a collegial panel composed of Hu Yunteng as the presiding judge of the case. According to reports, the trial court embodies the spirit of reform, the collegial panel first to respect the judicial authority, abide by the judicial etiquette, advocating honest action, eliminate all interference four interpretation, always implement the "last question", to fully protect the litigation rights of the parties, the court hearing the whole public. Reporters at the scene of the court noted that, whether it is a statement of the parties, or the court debate, the collegial panel will ask whether there is any statement or what the problem. "Do you have any comments?" This sentence is the two patrol justice Hu Yunteng advocated "the last question". Its core is that the sole judge, the full court to fully listen to the parties to argue for the argument, so that the parties and the parties to finish, full exercise of the right of appeal, the expression of appeal. The defendants and their counsel, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate to participate in litigation, some NPC deputies and CPPCC members, experts and scholars and representatives of law enforcement agencies, hundreds of students and teachers of Jilin University School of law, Northeast Normal University law school, participated in the meeting. Due to the large number of people involved in the case, the case is significant,.相关的主题文章: