Cholesterol wash white eggs can fork eat

Cholesterol wash white eggs can fork eat? Recently, the Internet, a U.S. government to amend the 40 years of mistakes, that the cholesterol is harmless, the message has been forwarded, saying that the United States does not limit the dietary recommendations of residents of cholesterol intake. Many chowhound: egg, rush about telling the news around spreading the whole milk products, nuts are "safe food", "Cha" can eat. The relevant medical experts in Wuhan for this kind of security that made a comprehensive scientific interpretation. Endocrine, nutrition, cardiovascular, digestive experts through 3 examples for you to ease the "egg" panic. "Cholesterol cause coronary heart disease is the biggest lie" refers to twentieth Century of last century since 70s, the U.S. government has been advocating people to stay away from high cholesterol foods to prevent heart disease and arterial occlusion, this concept is almost accepted by the world, but now the U.S. government will this view completely overturned, cholesterol is washed thoroughly". Has been to limit the consumption of egg, dairy products, nuts, coconut oil and meat, from now on is defined as "food safety". U.S. Department of agriculture is responsible for every five years to update the American dietary guidelines, in its 2015 dietary guidelines, wrote: "for a long time, we recommend that residents daily cholesterol intake of not more than 300 mg. This year, the U.S. Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee (DGAC) will no longer limit the intake of cholesterol, because the current evidence shows that there is no significant correlation between dietary cholesterol and blood lipids." American experts say: there is no low density lipoprotein cholesterol and high density lipoprotein cholesterol, which is good or bad cholesterol, cholesterol in our body will not cause any obstruction. About "cholesterol cause coronary heart disease" is a fallacy is the biggest lie in twentieth Century. Egg yolk fear "bitter" three generations of the 56 year old Mr. Wu is very thin, gastric ulcer resection of the stomach before 12 years ago, the diet is very light, since then did not eat egg yolk, and even eggs also refused to accept the 13. 7 year old boy Doug is a chubby pier, mother won’t let him eat eggs, beans every day forced to run 2000 meters, Doug fainted on the way to school last week. 85 year old Chen Diedie was the wife of strict control, not to eat egg yolk, not to mention the food. In the face of "insipid" three meals a day, every day he tucao. Wuhan Asia Heart Hospital Professor Dai Yangyang said, in fact, these three are not restricted diet. Experts at home and abroad have repeatedly done an experiment, so that a group of people over the age of 60 to eat two eggs a day, over a period of time, blood lipids are not elevated. Healthy people will automatically maintain cholesterol Tongji Medical College nutrition expert Professor Cai Honglin said, the human body to strive to maintain the stability of the number of cholesterol. If you are in good health, regardless of whether the food is high or low in cholesterol, cholesterol in the body can be maintained at an optimal level. If the metabolic disorder, regardless of food containing high cholesterol or low, are likely to have hyperlipidemia. Department of Gastroenterology Wuhan central hospital director Wu Jie seems that excessive intake of saturated fats such as fat, whole milk, and trans fats (such as coconut cream bags etc.) will increase the production of cholesterol in the liver, resulting in elevated blood cholesterol. The eggs are rich in 10 kinds of human essential amino acids can not be produced, egg yolk contains 1.相关的主题文章: