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Chunhua capital China huzulu: buy the world is just starting the United States stock market center: exclusive offer full industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes Sina warrants stocks Beijing time 7 days just to spend $460 million to take gold investment Chinese ant yum, founder, Chunhua capital Chinese most influential investor one of Mr Hu believes that the west "to buy the world a large number of Chinese irrational fear and anxiety. The fact is that China, as a global investor, has yet to play its full potential". CNBC reported that Goldman Sachs Chinese chairman, who operated the Wall Street giant $2 billion 900 million stake in the world’s largest bank ICBC trading, which listed in 2006. Due to the close relationship with Ma Yun, Chunhua capital to record in the Alibaba of New York before IPO bought some shares. Recently, Chunhua capital because Anbang together $14 billion bid for Starwood failed once again boarded the headlines. Hu Zuliu said that Chinese companies seeking overseas acquisitions also need to be more thoughtful, really understand the country’s laws, regulations and a variety of sensitive issues in a truly world-class way to do business. It takes time to learn". The Chunhua capital founder said, the United States provides many opportunities for future investment, they of course very interested. Hu Zuliu said: "the consumer sector, service sector, technology sector…… America has more opportunities than China, maybe even more than asia." In Yum transaction, buying a minority stake in Yum Chunhua capital China, the latter will be split in November 1st, a separate listing on the New York stock exchange. "We are a big fan of the deal," said Oppenheimer Research, who applauded the deal. The deal brings with it some of China’s strategic partners, and they have a very good performance record that will be an influential representative on the board". When asked why not wear gold and Chunhua ants seeking China Yum holding rights, Hu Zuliu said: "our goal is not to control the company. This is a very big business. We put ourselves in a position where we can trust each other and choose to be an active worker who can bring more added value to our shareholders. "Yum in 1987 is now Chinese Chinese, the most famous fast-food chain, owns more than 5000 KFC and Pizza Hut stores nearly 2000. In recent years, food safety problems make KFC sales in China have some impact, the last twelve months to return sales growth track. However, with the right partner, yum apparently expected to hold, and expand their market share in China considerable. (Zi Jin) editor in chief: Feng Dewei相关的主题文章: