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Clinton gossip actress assists Trump Hilary more terrible original title: "Trump Hilary act more terrible terrible words" recently, a Trump’s video exposure, the U.S. Republican presidential candidate Barack Clinton ahead of heavy sex scandal to Democratic rival Hilary "fire", but insists he will not withdraw from the election. Trump threatened the TV debate shaking black material claimed to have been Clinton rape female nurse Zhu, Nita · 8 Broderick on twitter wrote: "Facts speak louder than words. Trump just said dirty words, and Hilary threatened me after Clinton raped me." She also said: "Hilary said that Trump’s speech" frightening "and she has the same ‘rapists’ life and provide protection for him, her behavior is more" frightening "." Broderick claimed in 1999 1978 in Arkansas Little Rock a hotel by the then state attorney general Clinton rape. Clinton’s lawyer denied this, the president did not eat lawsuit. "Washington Post" on the 7 day exposure for a period of 11 years before the video, Trump boasted of women can "do", vulgar words explicit, with obvious insulting. The same day, Trump issued a rare apology statement. However, he did not forget to pull once Touxing Clinton: "I say nonsense, but (I) and speech (others) behavior is a world of difference. Clinton was a real insult to women, and Hilary bullied, attacked and insulted her husband’s victims". "We will talk about these in the next few days," Trump said, "we were 9." Local 9, Trump and Hilary will hold a televised debate on the presidential candidate of the second. The party bosses called for withdrawal from the election Trump though, on Trump’s major hit’s video, dozens of prominent Republicans called for Trump to withdraw from the election of the speaker of the house of Representatives Paul · Ruian 8 scheduled to attend a Wisconsin campaign for Trump’s activities, but 7 days after the change of mind that video scandal. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Mcconnell, said Trump’s remarks were "offensive" to ·…… Apologize to all women and girls". Up to now, at least two Republican governors and Republican members of Congress called on Trump to withdraw from the election of. Ron, a Republican strategist, predicts that the video is "the end of the game" for Mr Trump…… If Trump wants to reverse the decline, I am afraid to conjure up the hat a rabbit out of it". However, Trump, 8, said he would not be due to the exposure of the video exposure. "I’ve never been out of the game in my life, and I won’t be out of the presidential race in 2016." In addition, he also told the United States on the same day, the Wall Street Journal said that his withdrawal from the presidential election is zero. According to Xinhua news agency editor: Qu Kun SN117相关的主题文章: