Collagen can make you more face Small cosmetic effect! spyair

Collagen can make you more face? Small cosmetic effect! In recent years, although the collagen product has been controversial, but the market is still like a raging fire, and constantly enrich the product variety, collagen powder, collagen oral liquid and different forms of collagen peptide can produce different products and a superb collection of beautiful things, the effect is to make consumers confused Public opinions are divergent.. Recently, there are reports of a published in the "Journal of Medicinal" Food impurities, the article said, collagen peptide dietary supplements may improve the appearance of adipose tissue, and may contribute to the restoration of the dermis and subcutaneous tissue structure. The truth is really so? Behind all kinds of collagen products in the end what kind of secret hidden? Market survey: product sales, market acceptance as well as the degree of attention to skin care increases gradually, and the widely popular science related knowledge on collagen, the collagen products market is increasing and more people have recognized and loved. The reporter opened a business platform, enter "collagen", appeared nearly a hundred kinds of collagen products, covering domestic and imported, liquid, powder, well-known brands, small brands and many other types of products, the price is high, but sales are very impressive. Most of the monthly sales of hundreds of levels, part of the product sales as high as thousands of copies, such as monthly sales of a deep-sea fish collagen powder modified to 1772 pens, one from Australia collagen liquid oral liquid monthly sales reached 2826, what is more, a collagen powder sales unexpectedly reached 5945 pen. Business promotion: claim to beauty products, heated collagen so popular advertising contributed. From the promotional content of different brands of products is not difficult to find, the propaganda will be obvious or obscure or mention edible collagen has maintenance skin, make skin firm and elastic effect. In addition, there are still some arguments about the effectiveness of different forms of products. At present, the market there are three main types of collagen in the sale of products, one is the traditional collagen powder, its propaganda the main highlight the smallest particles, helps the body absorb; the other is a collagen oral liquid, often claim that liquid collagen will more readily absorbed than powder; there is a hydrolysis a higher degree of collagen powder or collagen peptide oral liquid in the propaganda in the depth of the hydrolysis of peptide form as a selling point, claiming that the degree of absorption is higher than that of any other form of powder and oral liquid. Expert interpretation: collagen cannot be absorbed by the human body, a very small cosmetic effect all kinds of collagen products really as advertised to beauty, compact skin effect? Experts said that the collagen is important to human skin, can play a supporting role, keep the skin tight, but because collagen is the molecular structure, can not be absorbed by the human body, need to be translated into amino acids through the digestive system, different proteins by different amino acids composition in different parts of the human body needs. Therefore, the collagen protein to eat can not be converted into collagen, can be transformed into the number of collagen ~!相关的主题文章: