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College students have been cheated   a reading of telecommunications fraud routine! People’s daily, Beijing, August (Xinhua Jin Bo) (filial piety Intern Chen Mengke) on August 19th, Shandong, 18 year old prospective college students cheated after the death of the tuition fee, unfortunately,. Then came the female college students in Linyi Qin August 19th also suffered a telecommunications fraud, crooks posing as police said tieu suspected illegal money laundering and demanding a thorough investigation of the funds, in desperation to Qin 6800 yuan tuition all turn out, after being aware of their. 23, 2009, the second year of Linyi, Liu was a man after the sudden death of telecommunications fraud at home. In recent days, several college students cheated event so that people once again focus on telecommunications fraud. Fraud by telephone, network and text messages, fabricating false information, the establishment of fraud, the victim of remote, non-contact fraud, lured the victim to make money or transfer. The recent fraud officers ever-changing modus operandi, the use of social hot spots, designed to trick, to deceive and lure, a threat to the victim, tailored for different groups, step by step sets, it is impossible to guard against. The relevant personnel posing as excuses [case] diversity in August 4th, Jiangsu Yancheng Mr. Dai received claiming to be the Pacific Insurance Company staff of the phone, said a few days ago in a traffic accident can prepaid medical expenses, so wearing a bank card to enter the interface in a bank ATM machine, according to the instructions of the staff of online fraud and to each other to provide the account has four times the transfer of nearly 250 thousand yuan. 1 departments of Civil Affairs Bureau issued as posing as civil affairs, disabled, education subsidies fraud officers and other units of staff, to persons with disabilities, the difficulties of the masses, the parents of the students to call and send text messages, that can receive grants, aid, grants, to provide bank card number, and then to account query the grounds, the operating instructions in the automatic teller machine, money to go. Related news: AIDS infected people can receive subsidies? Guard against various subsidy fraud trap 2 insurance compensation claims of fraud posing as staff officers posing as the insurance company claims, financial staff to contact customers, can accurately report the victim’s name, license number, claim information, followed by compensation insurance claims for the parties, lured them to carry bank cards to the ATM machine to the collection the actual operation is to cheat the victim card through the ATM machine transfer funds. 3 fake acquaintances social software theft fraud by changing software tampering number, or by planting Trojan hacking, theft QQ, WeChat, posing as the victim’s relatives and friends, colleagues, acquaintances and leading to the landlord, emergency, money, tuition, gambling, prostitution and other excuses, requiring the victim remittance or shopping and other ways to defraud victims of money. 4 posing as public security officers issued a "warrant" fraud officers posing as public security officers, the court summons, suspected of a crime, money laundering, and arrest and freeze damage to summoned under the name of deposit was threatened, innocent and provide a safe account verification certificate to verification, to lure the victim to the funds into the account designated by the criminal suspect. 5 calls, posing as customer service personnel) TV arrears fraud相关的主题文章: