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Colorful snow characteristic experience   differentiation makes ice travel more exciting – Travel Channel in Gansu in winter winter winter in Heilongjiang Hebei Inner Mongolia China winter ice and snow tourism resources abundant, more and more hot winter tourism has also spawned a large number of snow tourism destination. Around the full use of the characteristics of the region, to enlarge the advantages, make characteristics, so that no longer a single ice and snow, so that the winter tourism colorful. Heilongjiang: a new way to play in the classic areas of Heilongjiang has become a classic winter tourism. Shuangfeng forest farm "Heilongjiang snow village", said the former ushered in the largest tourism team since the beginning of winter, more than 2000 visitors came to the village of snow, snowball fights, sing songs, revel in the world of snow. Mei Xiaoke, a lover of tourism, compares Changbai Mountain with Jilin, and she said: "Changbai Mountain can soak hot springs, see Tianchi, and ski. But the snow township is to play in the snow, snow, snow here is walking through, you can also experience the characteristics of accommodation. The snow village is the first snowfall, snowfall is more suitable for such a big snow, shot a scene." In November this year to January next year, Heilongjiang will host the Harbin Snow Festival, Lake Jingpo Winter Fishing Festival and the Mohe County winter solstice festival features such as festival activities, the establishment of the Harbin ice and snow world, Mudanjiang Lake Jingpo and other 5 live sites, so that users can also enjoy the winter in Harbin. In addition, Heilongjiang also plans to hold at least 116 of the winter snow sports, culture, photography and other activities. Heilongjiang tourism deputy director Hou Wei said in an interview, the winter tourism, the tourism industry in Heilongjiang province has become the most competitive products, exhibition, tourism and cultural fusion and fashion, sports, health and many other industries, the scale of the industry continued to grow. Gansu and Xinjiang: Silk Road led the development of Gansu and Xinjiang is located in the "Silk Road Economic Belt, rich snow resources and heavy history, culture and natural landscape have different historical periods in the form of the" Silk Road "harmonious coexistence. Professor Nan Yu of Northwest Normal University School of tourism said: "with the diversity and multi nationality development Gansu new area, ice and snow culture industry based on the regional culture and art culture, formed a unique natural landscape of snow and ice." South Yu believes that snow is a major advantage of resources in Xinjiang. Her example: "taking the special geographical and climatic conditions in the northern region, the development characteristic of Xinjiang snow tourism has provided a guarantee. Ice and snow sports tourism mainly concentrated in the north, a ski Urumqi Silk Road International Ski Resort, Aletai Jiangjun Mountain Ski Resort and other representative in northern xinjiang." There is no doubt that the "Silk Road" of the international reputation of a great leading role, while the new two Gan snow tourism, international tourism development, should be long-term goals based on the "The Belt and Road", focus on cultivating new – Gansu southern line silk road ice snow culture tourism, mainly relying on domestic research institutions and snow the main traffic line, create fine snow tourism line. Inner Mongolia: national amorous feelings is the key of "ice and snow in the north is universal, northeast, north, West"相关的主题文章: