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Commom;cynical is "chicken ribs" color Sina convertible bond fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! So far this year, bond market is the basic pattern of weak shocks, the overall market "commom;cynical". Although the three quarter benefited from the equity market rose, the supply of small empty window and other factors, some small plates into the small honeymoon period, but if you take into account the liquidity problem, the paper wealth means thicker. The outlook for the four quarter, most market participants believe that the equity market volatility is hard to change the pattern of supply shocks, and will come, synthesis of the equity market, the valuation level and the supply and demand situation judgment, the fourth quarter of the overall bond rate will continue about low volatility market, short term supply rhythm slowdown makes stock valuation temporarily may not drop however, the long-term supply pressure will suppress the stock market valuation of convertible bonds, investors continue to wait and wait, hold a proper opportunity coupons. The overall market commom;cynical weak shocks after the National Day holiday, the convertible bond market shares continue to follow a narrow range of fluctuation, the overall market "commom;cynical" three quarters of a case before the. 13, A shares all day long narrow range, the Shanghai Composite Index closed up 0.09% at 3061.35 points, CSI bond index fell 0.01 points to 295.27 points. From the disk, the corresponding shares of convertible bonds yesterday were mixed, with 2.36% China Taibao led the decline, followed by Xiamen, China World Trade Center and the decline in more than 1%; and the Jiangnan water, Haiyin shares are up more than 3%, Sany and Australia Shunchang also rose 2.7% and 1.04% respectively, the rest of the stock price it was less than 1%. Correspondingly, the bond market continued to narrow the market yesterday, the stock fell more or less coupons, the overall volatility is significantly weaker Yu Zheng shares. Specific to a ticket, 15 state-owned EB in 0.6% led the decline of 16, Anhui new EB, China World Trade Center fell 0.52% and 0.35% respectively of convertible bonds, convertible bonds are Jiangnan with more than 1% led the gains, 15 days EB, 31 convertible bonds, convertible bonds also Huangma rose 0.44%, 0.27%. If you look back over the past three quarters, the bond market as a whole is a weak shock pattern, did not appear particularly decent market. According to statistics, the first three quarters of this year, the Shanghai Composite Index fell from 3536.59 points to 3004.7 points, the cumulative decline of 15.1%; CSI bond index from 321.43 to 294.4, the cumulative decline of 8.32%, the overall resilience significantly. At just past the three quarter, the Shanghai Composite Index rose from 2931.8 points to 3004.7 points, the cumulative increase of 2.56%; while the CSI bond index rose from 282.9 to 294.4, the cumulative increase of 4.07%. Although the overall trend is not excellent, but the tickets are some bright spots, such as the Wind data show that the three quarter of Jiangnan bonds rose 9.78%, convertible bonds, convertible bonds, 15 GREE Kyushu, China World Trade Center EB, China World Trade Center region rose more than 7% convertible bonds, convertible bonds, 16 Yiling on clouds相关的主题文章: