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Beauty Cosmetics have by and large become most integral part of womans life, without cosmetics life would become really colorless for women who love to accentuate their natural beauty with the use of this stuff. Why are cosmetics so important? Not all will agree to the importance of cosmetics, the basic reason being not all women use cosmetics that regularly unless and until they have to attend a certain occasion that requires them to be well turned out. There is also a class of women who do not venture out of their homes without putting on one or the other cosmetics. The reasons may be many, but women find using cosmetics as good as paying attention to themselves, some women put on their formal self the moment they put on cosmetics, without these they would feel bare. Women who use this stuff are mainly office going women and mostly women who have a good financial background. Highest number of women using cosmetics is in the West, there are many reasons to it, firstly women in the western countries are financially independent and are in better financial position, than women in poorer Eastern countries, it is obvious that any woman would give more importance to buying food for the family than shopping for her cosmetics where there are limited resources. What are the most used cosmetics by women? Women are busier than men, their ability to multitask makes it possible that they can look after themselves, however, will all chores they are at a liberty of using up only a few minutes, women use lipstick, rouge and eyeliners mostly among all cosmetics. Some women gifted with really good skin generally use some moisturizer and sun ray protection instead of cosmetics. These creams generally avoid any dark spots and acne from coming on skin and some of these also protect skin against pollution along with sunlight. Cosmetics companies manufacture creams containing SPF which tends to protect skin from unwanted tan and skin damage that can result from harsh sunlight. Eyeliners change a face, this is true especially if you have eyes that are slightly set outward, using eyeliners and mascara can really gel your entire face and make it look ravishing. Another most utilized beauty product in the market, is the lipstick, for women one is not enough, because a lipstick as a sure should be matched with the outfit, therefore, there are numerous shades of lipsticks that women own never a single one. Lipsticks come in thousands of shades and ranges, prices differ depending on what the lipstick has to offer. There are lipsticks with moisturizers, lip gloss for making the lips appear glossy. These are especially useful for the party goers who would like it shiny and glossy. Lipsticks too, at times contain the SPF for protection against sunlight and skin damage, there are normal moisturizers. Another must have for well made up women is the nail polish, this does not need to be applied regularly, instead this can be done once every two weeks. There are as many numbers of shades available in nail polish as there are in lipsticks, you can also find different types of nail polishes those with gloss, without gloss, with subtle shine, nail hardeners, etc. So make you choice of cosmetics and know what makes you look well made up at all times. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: