Countdown To An Indian Marriage-若槻ゆうか

Relationships Just 10 days left now and you have so many things on hand like shopping, purchasing gifts, final selection of clothes, preparing a list of guests, organizing the mehendi ceremony and so on! The list seems never ending. But question arises where to start, what to start here .es the answer to all your questions and how you can efficiently apply your management skills so that all tasks are happily ac.plished. As marriage date .es closer, it seems like so much work has to be done and it is also important that everything should be perfect for the bride because she is the main attraction. Everyone is mainly concerned about how a bride conducts herself. So thinking about these things, I started preparing myself and by now I have packed my suitcase, which contains my clothes and accessories which I will take along with me and also two more suitcases for occasions like ring ceremony which will take place one day before the marriage and of course my mehandi ceremony. I remember it took me really long to finalize clothes, doing window shopping, running to my dress designer. All this consumed a lot of time but I thank god its really over everybody is liking what I have bought. One thing I would like to say that Indian Marriage is a very beautiful affair as well as some what time consuming also. Heres my experience of the most beautiful preparation of my life my marriage. Final countdown begins Just two weeks before my marriage, I was still working and of course worrying about my hairstyle and how would I look. Then I decided to call my hairstylist and took an appointment and also started work on the list of guests and friends so that no body gets missed out. Mine was an arranged marriage, everything finalized by my family through a matrimonial site. For those looking for an arranged match, online matrimony is a blessing in disguise as you can find hundreds and thousand of eligible profiles at one place and I have found the one for me. In fact, now my friends are searching for their matches online. On the eighth day before my marriage,, I started receiving wishes from my family, relatives and friends and then I realized that there is still a lot to do in such a less time. I went to my designer for minor alterations and to the parlor, which I had booked for my wedding day. After that, my brother and I prepared a list of return gifts that we would give to the guests. On the seventh day before my marriage, I went to pick my jewelry so that I can try it out before final day. Following the trend, I also booked artificial jewelry for myself. It was a nice and pretty piece of jewelry, which was very costly so I decided to take it on rental basis. On the sixth day before my marriage, I started feeling a little better as the things that I had planned for my marriage were now more or less .plete. On this day, I was just checking few small things like various items required for Pooja and other occasions, some decoration material, my final make up kit and jewelry and other small things. I once again checked my suitcase so that nothing gets missed out and in case if I missed some thing important it can be arranged in the mean time. On the third and fourth day before my marriage, guests started arriving – my cousins, my relatives, my friends, everybody was excited about my marriage and my aunts were advising me, giving tips for a successful marriage. Everyone was as happy as they could be. It made me feel special. Just 2 days before my marriage I was very excited about entering into a new life and in my mind I was preparing myself new responsibilities. At that moment, it felt amazing. I was thinking that from now onwards, I will be special for someone and I will have a beautiful family of my own. But I felt sad too, the feeling of going away from my parents and family got tears in my eyes. And finally the much awaited day arrived the day of my marriage and believe me the countdown the countdown has just begun. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: