Cross-country vehicle power fast speed new hover H9 car expensive (video)

Cross-country vehicle power fast speed new Haval H9 car expensive car – the Great Wall hover H9 (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) 2016 on March 2016 officially listed, the the Great Wall car – Harvard H9 2016 launched a total of 8 models, including the 2 liter turbocharged 218 HP 8 models, the official guide price range of 20.98-27.28 million yuan. Today we are here to introduce the Harvard H9 2016 2.0T luxury 7 models of the cost of the car, the official guide price is 249 thousand and 800 yuan. According to the daily maintenance costs of vehicles, the general use of the main cost of the family car in the insurance, oil and maintenance costs. The most comprehensive owner’s habits, we only spend New Years forty thousand km + insurance + car maintenance schedule + fuel consumption as the standard to calculate the cost of car models. The parameter configuration | models Pictures | comment | riders Harvard H9 the lowest fuel consumption: 167 thousand and 900 ask price hover H9 tell you SUV, analysis what pit is not a thing of Harvard H9 2016 2.0T luxury 7 seater car costs as follows below we will analyze in detail the origin of the car costs: generally, the cost of keeping a car = travel tax + daily maintenance fee + toll parking fee and license fee + + insurance + routine maintenance costs + cost of oil. A maintenance expenses, insurance, maintenance and analysis of conventional oil costs accounted for almost all vehicles daily use cost, then further analysis: 1, insurance: the new car insurance meter (with PICC auto insurance as an example), including the compulsory insurance, third party liability insurance (500 thousand), loss of vehicle insurance, the whole car pilfer, vehicle liability insurance, glass breakage, spontaneous loss of insurance, non deductible insurance, Harvard H9 2016 2.0T luxury 7 official guide price of 249 thousand and 800 yuan, after calculation, vehicle annual premiums of about 8976 yuan, two years of insurance costs about 17952 yuan. (Note: the above insurance cost is the preferential prices after) and the fact that the majority of owners can choose insurance according to their actual situation, in addition to compulsory insurance, other insurance can be free to choose, is to remind the majority of owners is, should be "order three" on the insurance, the cost will also change, some insurance companies offer 20 percent off or even lower discount. 2, maintenance cost analysis: Harvard H9 2016 2.0T luxury 7 years forty thousand km maintenance expenditure, Harvard H9 2016 2.0T Deluxe 7 seat currently enjoy three years or one hundred thousand km vehicle warranty policy. (because the local 4S shop hours fee is different, so please refer to the detailed cost local 4S store real quoted below, for your reference, 3): fuel consumption expenditure occupy a great part in the car costs, in order to facilitate the calculation, passenger car fuel consumption values we published by the Ministry of fuel consumption is calculated as the reference. Suggest that you buy a car owner, it is best to further estimate the actual fuel consumption according to their actual situation. In this paper, the calculation of combustion.相关的主题文章: