CW will take science fiction drama Sheldon hang member producer – Entertainment Sohu-sexinse

CW will take "science fiction drama" " Sheldon oilstar member; " producer – Entertainment Sohu CW will shoot "science fiction drama" " Sheldon oilstar member; " producer   Sohu entertainment news (the package ah) in the "Big Bang" (The Big Bang Theory) as scientists "Xie Jim – Parsons ears" (Jim Parsons) as a TV producer, his TV Project "hang" (The Terranauts). CW has been bought, tells the story of 8 scientists together to complete a great research, which involves the problem of human nature. "The shipping clerk" is based on the novelist T-C- Boyles (T.C. Boyle) published novel, drama version adapted by Saatchi – Heweng (Zach Helm) is responsible for. "The shipping clerk" is a scientific, social, gender, life, human stupidity and greed of science fiction. It is said that inspired by the Arizona Science Museum of biosphere two, the plot will revolve around 8 scientists, 4 men and 4 women formed a "hang", they want to create a human survival material must provide the biosphere beyond Earth, the final success to achieve this goal, they found a new environment a sustainable living named E2, for generations of human life, but the subsequent development is beyond the original plan. Executive producer Jim Parsons, and Jim’s boyfriend Heweng Saatchi – Todd – Walker (Todd Spiewak) the Stoics, the specific date of broadcast temporarily unknown.相关的主题文章: