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"Dark horse" Jiang Dunhao won the new song title   6 students were all final track – Anhui Channel – people.com.cn 20 points last night, Zhejiang TV "China new song" finals at the National Stadium (Bird’s Nest) war, eventually, Wang Feng clan Jiang Dunhao over the Jay Chou clan to the ocean, become this season’s champion. From "good voice" to "new song", the most popular music draft finals have been held for three consecutive years in the Beijing bird’s nest. At the beginning of this year, due to the "Holland copyright The Voice of China" Talpa price will be $60 million "The Voice of Holland" this pattern to Tak television, has led to the production Chinese version of "four seasons" The Voice of China Canxing can no longer use "good voice" name and pattern. To this end, then began the fifth season students audition Canxing, in order to avoid the copyright disputes of the The Voice of China "renamed" China new song "program, the iconic mentor chair was changed to slide. In addition, this season also became the host from China leave CCTV Li Yong. However, in the finals, China returned to the "new sound" stage. (Zhang Lei, Guan Fei: commissioning editor) from the third quarter of 2014 began the "finals good voice" on the bird’s nest, now "good voice" has become a "new sound", but the final place is still not changed. But compared with last year, finalist students this year by five to six, respectively is the Wang Feng clan Xu Geyang, Jiang Dunhao, Na Ying, Wang Chenrui, Li Peiling, Harlem Yu clan, clan Yang Meina and clan Jay Chou to the ocean. Na Ying and Wang Feng, which has two members of each team finalists, the odds of winning a larger. In addition, in six students, female students accounted for four seats, but also the good voice finals for the first time in five years the "weak" situation. This season, "the song sound" the finals of the competition for the first round of the third, tutor to lead their students were singing a song, the second round of six trainees are two solo, by tens of thousands of spectators in the bird’s nest site SMS voting, ranking first and second students entered the final round of the competition. Later, two people again sing a song, composed of 81 members of the jury and audience voting (votes each accounted for 50% of the weight) decided at the final champion. The first round of the students and instructors choral links: the first appearance of the Jay Chou team of Chinese Singaporeans to the ocean, he and the chorus of the chorus of the "double stick" of Jay Chou, the Chinese Academy of Sciences in the United States and China, the United States and China, the United States and the United states. And before long rap rash and too much in haste, the chorus version of "shuangjiegun" do make snap adaptations, adding to the ocean at the harmonica SOLO as the opening, in addition to the ocean, is also the first attempt to rap. (Zhang Lei, Guan Fei: commissioning editor) after the first round, Jay Chou and Wang Feng to the ocean marine corps Xu Geyang ranked in the top two. The second round of the main show link, Na Ying team of Chinese girls in Malaysia, the first appearance of the Li Peiling, she is also the youngest in the top six students, only 16 years old. A link, she chose is in English, "Let it go" mix. Li Peiling is one of the top six students in the Na Ying team of the other students in Guangdong to learn this round of the相关的主题文章: