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De GRISOGONO by Pierre Jane Zhang emperor Jewelry Wedding – Sohu in November 6, 2016, Jane Zhang and Feng Ke threw the heavy red bomb. The media once again instantly accepted Jane Zhang married Feng Ke keywords baptism shuabing. Debut so far, Jane Zhang, with her unique dolphin sound conquered numerous audience, known as the "Dolphin Princess"". 11 years of fame, has sent nearly 200 songs, which are popular, pop songs such as "for having heard it many times, until finally you", "if this is love" and other songs. She sang the song as if she was telling the way of love that, and this time ushered in her happy moment!   moving melody firm as Jane Zhang sang "love until you finally, but fortunately I did not give up". From the beginning of the unknown to the public in Taiwan No one shows any interest in Chinese music singer, now after ten years, they support each other with the common experience of the sweet and bitter. No matter how much doubt the outside world, Jane Zhang has maintained a good state of mind, adhere to the truth between her and Feng Ke, eventually ushered in her own really want happiness. The exposure of the wedding style revealing all the playful affection, two people hand in hand to the common interpretation of this song. The song of love. For feelings, from the beginning to the end of Liangying holding a firm belief, and de GRISOGONO emperor to adhere to the achievements of brand jewelry is not limited by time, meaningful innovation. It is because of this fit, Liangying chose de GRISOGONO emperor led her to enter the marriage hall. Bright promise for the truth in November 8th, Jane Zhang and Feng Ke in Italy held a warm and grand wedding. Wedding day, Zhou Bichang, Wang Luodan,, Chris, Botti and other stars are present to congratulate. The bride Jane Zhang wearing the de GRISOGONO brand Chiocciola platinum jewelry emperor by diamond earrings. Multi arc diamond platinum curve lingering coiled, until the top of the dazzling diamond. No matter how many experienced before the wind and rain, and finally into the marriage hall. Gorgeous jewelry, not only more beautiful and touching shoulder and neck of the bride line, but also for a white yarn to add beauty, a dream of the goddess of light. Under the blessing of the witness, and her prince charming hand into their own romantic country.   Jane Zhang wearing de GRISOGONO emperor by brand Chiocciola White Gold Earrings unique three-dimensional structure, with a total of 148 white diamonds and 12 brands of water type multi cutting drilling, and movable inlaid in the polished mirror bright platinum vortex type structure in the central region, with smart design, let the activities of gems and spiral platinum mirror flicker is not the same, a symbol of brilliant life.  ?; on the day of the wedding dinner, Jane Zhang chose to wear de GRISOGONO Gypsy Sugar emperor earrings with sweet Joaillerie, a festive red dress out again and accept all the beauty.相关的主题文章: