DELL new machine exposure double screen spike surface studio vstart

DELL’s new machine exposure: double screen Surface Studio seckill dual screen design Surface Dial Sina digital news November 4th news, Microsoft has just released last week, Surface Studio machine, Adobe held in San Diego Max meeting, DELL also announced a new machine Trailer video, Surface Studio also looks cool. This product will be equipped with two screens, and one of them can not only display the content, but also can be used as a touch input device. Microsoft and Surface Studio also announced a Surface Dial round input device is intended as an additional input tool for creative workers use Microsoft, Microsoft executive vice president Terry said Myerson also interviewed by the media in the last week, Microsoft will open technology for partners with Microsoft technology to make some similar the equipment to the market. So DELL this one machine will also support Surface Dial. DELL also confirmed on his official Twitter, this new machine will be officially released at the beginning of next year’s CES2017 consumer electronics show, and this new product has already begun in 2014 R & D, and now finally completed. However, DELL did not mention the relevant parameters of the device and the price, I believe the price will not be less than Surface Studio. (Yu Ze)相关的主题文章: