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Department: civil service examination candidates similar to   at least 5 years test ban – Guizhou Channel – original title: Department: civil service examination candidates at least the same test ban 5 years of new year’s exam is approaching. Yesterday, the Ministry of human resources and Social Security announced the "civil service exam discipline violations approach" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures"). The "measures" has intensified a crackdown on high-tech cheating, added similar related content answer processing, from October onwards, the same subject answers in the civil service examination is similar, and the marking of the expert group confirmed, five years or even a lifetime shall not apply for civil service. Organized cheating will be a long-term record of the "approach" to increase the intensity of punishment for cheating in the exam. For serious violations of discipline and especially serious disciplinary violations of the candidates to cancel the qualification registering for examination, when not accepted, and entered the civil service examination integrity file database, as the case records of 5 years or long-term record. For plagiarism, plagiarism or forged documents to assist in the examination, treatment to cancel the qualification exam, and entered the civil service examination integrity archives, records for a period of five years; and if instead of others or make others instead of their exams and verified as cheating or organized cheating, will long term records. For the recruitment of staff organization, planning organized cheating or play a major role in the organization of cheating, it shall be dismissed. If a crime is constituted, criminal liability shall be investigated according to law. With the increase of the terms of similar responses of Beijing Youth Daily reporter noted that compared with the pilot approach, the new approach, the increase of processing in terms of similar responses. The "measures" provisions in the scoring process to find candidates between the same subject and by checking the contents of the same answer, the expert group confirmed the examination institution by the specific organization and implementation of the examination given to the subject (event) with the examination results invalid. At the same time, the candidates in the same subject to answer the same content, and other relevant evidence to prove the establishment of their cheating, depending on the specific circumstances of the 5 years until the lifetime may not apply for civil service. National Civil Service Bureau official pointed out that the civil service departments in charge of any damage to the fair and impartial behavior of the test to be resolutely combat, cheating on the exam zero tolerance". In recent years, cheating began to stare at high technology. The increase of processing terms of similar responses, provide the basis for the use of high-tech means to implement the punishment of cheating behavior, so as to intensify the crackdown on high-tech cheating." Dissatisfaction with the punishment may apply for administrative reconsideration, the relevant responsible person also said that the new approach focus on convergence with the relevant laws and regulations. For example, connect with the "Public Security Management Punishment Law", the "measures" will increase penalties on disturbed sites, the examination order. Including: intentionally disrupt the test sites, the examination room examination work order; refuse or hinder the staff to fulfill management responsibilities; threat, insult, libel, slander staff or other applicants and other acts, shall be ordered to leave the room; if the circumstances are serious, can enter the test ban list, in violation of the "Security Management Punishment Law and according to law by the public security organs; constitutes a crime, shall be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law. In addition, male)相关的主题文章: