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Diabolo is the united front? The DPP and nonsense (note – Taiwan channel stands) – people.com.cn is the DPP legislators recently submitted a proposal that is China diabolo (diabolo) culture, Taiwan is the United Front, "the Commission" should not be promoted. This is ridiculous, fantastic. The DPP can not diabolo, but at least should not. If that is China culture was removed, then hold this argument is not Chinese characters speak Chinese, do not fry cook stew, don’t sacrifice Mazu worship Guan Gong, don’t have the Spring Festival the mid autumn festival. The netizen says, proposal Liu female legislators simply don’t Liu, the surname "rock", "Matsushita won". The DPP love advocate "in culture", the problem is, most of the people of Taiwan are immigrants from the mainland, but in order of arrival. Taiwan street life today, any details are not Chinese elements? Even Taiwan’s ethnic culture, ethnic culture, and also a homologous. I would like to ask, what kind of Taiwan "in the culture" and Chinese culture? To do China culture, Taiwan will only shell. Chinese culture is the background of Taiwan, is a valuable intangible asset, the DPP has to go and then quickly. From this view, it is not difficult to find the anti intellectual nature of the dpp. As the most "Pro independence" is just a meal by selling "Taiwan independence", the Democratic Progressive Party to implement "go Chinese", cry up wine and sell vinegar is purely political deception, nonsense move. The DPP does not know Taiwan not from the outside in the China culture, but the operation "to Chinese", but can distort people’s ideas, China demonized image, provoking cross-strait hostility and hatred. As long as the two sides do not, flaunt love Taiwan, speculation has been suppressed DPP has the market, with political capital. For the benefit of their own and fool the people, how hard drug lord! Why not anti Chi? The DPP had in the middle school class, the political field "to Chinese", the ignorant young generation of students brainwashing, this trick can also describe the "smart"; now even such cultural and recreational activities are revealed to start, the pattern of small, low, poor means of conception, chilling. Taipei the Imperial Palace south hospital recently just removed the star Jackie Chan sent 12 bronze device, the reason is not Chinese culture. Now the proposal of Diabolo "match", and said that the Taiwan authorities in 2016 the "no style to China action". Taiwan leader Cai Yingwen says he has "good faith" on the mainland, the DPP "legislators" but with practical action to repeatedly show hostility. Cross strait relations ice, a lot of economic problems in Taiwan, the DPP authorities fail to solve the plight of the people, but quietly merely denounced Kuomintang, "to" brains are used in the Chinese, ability and cleverness destruction, this is not nonsense, what nonsense? This ruling, no wonder the protests since four, public support has plummeted. (commissioning editor: Yuan Bo)相关的主题文章: